Thursday, September 24, 2009

240909 : m l s !

bodoh-ing with my sister

on the 2nd day,we went to johore *my mother's side, besides, eventually we have to go there anyway because it's been a year or something we havent meet our cousins there, due to our coming exam ;D
before we went to johore,we had made a desicion *we have a meeting among us-family to start the engine first in the morning like or something so it wil make us wake up at 5.oo am,
but u know something came up, there was a typhoon,tsunami and stuff but still we couldnt make it in time,dont know why?
ok,ok long story,still, i woke up at 9.30 am, i dont know about others but i woke up at 9.30,and that made us start our engine at 11.20 am, to and 11.20, that was a difference over there, i could say ;D ?
so we reached there at about 5.30 pm and i was proud of that??! ;)


smilimg with my dearest cousins zikri
i am not kid for sure, mainan perang

as soon as we reached there,we dont even spare our time visiting our cousins or uncle, even on that area. shitto! feels like wasting my time,
instead of doing all that visiting others thingy, i wasted my priceless time with playing the bunga raya like crazy jijah holding flowers in the corner of the street ;0 *what the..?
thinking of that, i didnt even hold my all mighty pen to do my all mighty homework, *taking a deep breath, god bless me ;D


we did tried to make a 'word' but this IS what we get
i do NOT blame them ;0

All the things I used to have
Cigarette smoke, white pills and cash
The purity it never lasts, i keep forgetting

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