Saturday, July 3, 2010


study is hard ;o

these are pretty it, didnt have much to say, just went to weddings, spent time with books, and went for holiday a week after school holiday ;D

eagering: this providence-keeping on without you

Thursday, June 17, 2010


someone officially 'akad nikah' today
idk, is that the right term?

these were taken using my phone camera, so, mind the shaking. will upload the rest photo photographed by me with the SLR, congratulation abg Hadi and hope you lived happily ever after ;D , gtg


soemone cooked?

it was nicely tasted by me ;D hee, thnks.


day out ;D
stuff we do:
*say hye to everyone as we get in the car
*met intan halfway
*got stuck while queing for cinema's tickets
*people look at my shoes in different ways?
*watched the 'A' team, and karate kid
*prefer bowling as a hard game,
*get back before 12.00pm *nicely done

Sunday, June 13, 2010


i had a great time kot,

went to genting yesterday, not a good timing though, because of the perfect rain ,you see, haih, someone said i didnt told him, im afraid he's quite mad, sorry, i'll definntly go with you next time round, with others also, because we plan this rashing, but seriously, im afraid of the pirate ship rather than the rollercster, havent take them quite a while,havent had the guts to go inside the hunted adventure, i dnt have someone to hang into, woo, and we stay there just in the noon,

this is wht i should do next time,
*bring batu along
*pack some sushi *just in case
*ride rollercster twice *its fun
*go to the hunted house
*takes a lot of pictures
*ride the catrpllr thingy *looks fun?
*ride the flying coaster *its raining, so

eagering: the tittle-six stars tonight

Thursday, June 10, 2010


he got life,

i went to bb these past days, i was just thinking of this so called gold man, how come, to take a picture of or with him cost you nearly 3 ringgit, even its not a whole lot of money, but its money though,
after thinking quite a while, thinking hows life had been for him, dearly.
such that, he lived near the bintang walk, he had a number of pet, monkeys and snake. seen how'd he wash his face, was kind of, sad i could say. maybe that that 3 ringgt is worth it.

been thinking quite a while about this,
i've just heard that, my ****** had this kind of 'thing' kept in his house, its a shock really, i mean what era is this, to be hearing such thing is not something ordinary i say,i seldom heard that theres something around our ******* , some said he kept it for his family's safety, he often goes to the military and scared something might happen to his family thats why he kept it, knowingly, the pet he was keeping had been watching and protect them untill now, eventually it forgets who is the 'master', no wonder, even if my ******* went out, he always away from danger when fought with the Britain.the reason im telling you this is because i had this dream last time when i was 15, havent told anyone about it untill this year, told h******* because he's in that dream. i told him to watch out. maybe something is telling me, but idk what?

eagering: daniel mckay-sweetfeet

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Been busy with studies lately, its been 2 weeks already, theres one week to go, its hell hard, idk, i think i passed up shits on paper,still,just hoping i'll pass.

something for cheering me up ;D

Monday, May 10, 2010


im squeezing.

my pimple.trying to wake up at 5 am without him. im hardly studying. stop shitting with me. i wished i could express all these fcking little thingy that shitting with my life, but it seems i cant, due to some policy.

hope, you are doing great, t tried to not look at you and you know why, i felt guilty.
xoxo always hating you

Sunday, May 9, 2010


mothers day ;D

this is statement everybody;
dnt worry, i'll be here. dnt cry cause you are solid,batu.

xoxo always loving you ;D

Friday, May 7, 2010


painless pain;

elephant toothpaste

this is what i did for the second experiment after the volcano, my hands are like shaking and the teachers were laughing due to, idk. thnks to firdaus, arif, syed, alif, ,S, suren, lil, hana, diana, mizan? for giving support ;D it was a pain, i finish the medicine in a day, instead of one week. couldnt it more.


Thursday, May 6, 2010


cursed them i tell you, nicely
im going to get kill if i post this picture i guessed? so be it, not like i mind it ;D hee, kill me would you, itll be thrill, just so you know. i'll be watching you, enjoy your preciously month without me, please do that, i'll be glad. dont be sad, because u are asking for it,
i was doing this cute creature untill midnight, pulling out my nerve making it, thought it will be a disaster, but, god bless, it turned put pretty well, woohoo ;D glad he'd help. oh, the next day, some one came to school, got into the office, theres some cauncelling,kot? wtf. absent the next day. allergic ;(
went to PBSM, Haim drew that for me, LJY busy with his rcket competition, he got numbr 2, anyhow,youll make it! oh, ad this particular day, my mom was mad because we didint take the dry clothes and let it wet :(
01.05.10 (labour day)
my mom was sill mad,showing my regret. i washed all the clothes, fyi it were 3 round i guessed. went to rumah anak yatim in Banting, but they sure look happy? nvrmnd.went there with Hsini's prnts. then, to 3 diffrnt beach. i really dnt know sepang had beach? guessed thats what they called 'katak bawah tempurung'? eat few of sotong bkr ;D
missing him ;D . he wouldnt know, he said im foya-foyaing ;(

the shoes. basically. my mom stole it from me, i was hiding the shoes, because i dnt wnt my mom to wash it, but she kinda found it, with glory.then had to wash them, but only with vanish though, and it really works i tell you ;D no need to berus, then clean up my room ;D done.

currently i sawang, thinking through stuff, been dieting for 1 and 1/3 month kot, and i have this fucking gastric today ;D


Thursday, April 22, 2010

230410: b f f t !

love him ;O
fat liar
he rarely wears

hadnt update for a long time but basically not too long because i hardly do so do i? ;D
this week, i had my time with stdygroup all along, fuh, a long week for the damned exam, tuesday was the craziest, i had four subject and they were add math, sejarah, physics, tasawuh,may look easy but trust me, im biting my tounge. if there any people who didnt went crazy, let me cure you, only part of your mouth though, only being a dentist is my passion.wooohooo, we are off the topic, or do we have one? wahtever, dosent concern me.

its a total chaos this week with a lot of fun too, weird, how could that conclude. still, i had fun. full stop. no further typing. geez, still want to,
the shitty things that bound to happen:
1.the result of a maniac
2.papa is going back dubai
3.which is good, if he is not taking my laptp.
4.i love my lptop.
5.dnt take it away, my lovely old man
6, BEG OF YOU...
7.i cannot talk to jingyie, he ask me to,
8.guess i love to break promises i made,
9.dnt trust me any further
10. i said shitty thing, gonna pay for it ;O
12.i only have 3-times-a-week maid,
13.which is closely to suckers life.
14.applying for afs
15.thinking going with husaini

Thursday, April 15, 2010


feel sucks?
please do.
safe to say,
im on the fcking diet,hate vegie,and people are kindly shitting with me ;D

Monday, April 5, 2010

050410: p f f t !

didnt managed

wow, here are the pictures of my hmsters, jaz's acctually but who cares, originally, we had two of them. but it seems one had died, so thinking to add more two was not a bad idea, so, jaz got the other two from her frnds, and it were huge i say, we also bought a new cage, cause the old one was too small for it to bear, so here it is,

right now jingyie was texting me:
i x tahu la,im scared that, smething i dnt like might happen,


Saturday, April 3, 2010

040410: b e r a !

shit, idk.

the images were taken on 040310, saturday ,were having chemistry, so what they called it, we were having 2 hours full of chmsty joy, really.cheh, wtf., after the tuition finished, i went to izzah's house , and have a taste oh a homemade roti nan, it was a thrill. it was well made, or was it should taste like that? ;D cause i dont really know the original one, so, i've slept while waiting for izzh, then we went to my house, nothing happen really, except me with my old songs, then head up to tuition, sumpah x tipu, ngantuk, because it was like in evening so it was a very 'mata sembam and ngantuk' mood tuned. for the night, were only having pizza hut for dinner because i seriously doubt were there any food in my house.


Friday, April 2, 2010

020410: fck !

u've been caught!

hee ;D
afiq, jingyie ;D
fifi, fzrl ;D

today, we went to the f1 circuit for viewing i think, even i dont know the purpose of the outing, taking pictures maybe ;D so we had our fun enjoying a five ringgit cornetto ice cream and a couple of views of people jogging on the circuit, we had been in the wrong one, they went to the pit, were what they called it,we had a great time, adne evryone were happy ;DD

on 31.march.2010.
im sorry for your lost vennu ;(