Sunday, April 26, 2009


Elliot Minor
Hahaha, this beutiful day:
i woke up every morning,which is arround 9.30 *still early
waiting for my mom to come back with delicious  breakfast *patiently
when she came back, grab that 'kebab' *its a food,fyi
just spending my time surfing the internet..
kinda lost with it, boring..all movies that i think i know,i already watched u have one?do share ;D
hmm,what else?
oh ya..from today,i think i'm not very enjoying food like i always do,
its according to my mood, *IF U EVER HEARD
just 10.30pm
i was video camming with my dad in Dubai ;D
he's gonna come back to Malaysia on 18th of mei 2009. *again
just for one more day ...*sigh


Thursday, April 23, 2009



on this unforgettable day:
today is thursday.
got to  pass up homework given by Ms.Noriah.all the 'peka'
Today,Bethilda went for the 'spell it right' contest.
she lose ! *if she read my blog,ill be not in my pieces next morning ;0
aiigh,all day she's trying to pick  a fight with me
can't understand la that monster! how she look at people is so scary,
in that beutiful morning,all the student went to dewan,
i slide the seat,when i tried to seat, BOOM!
suddenly my butt is on the floor!
i,m so pist! that used to be good girl is slowly beoming evil gangster!
*Bethilda . i'm doomed!
oh ya! today i was like reading all day in school
the title is 'over the moon' .its a jeanure prdctn.
since my sis bought that book.its been 5 or 4 years now.
just now i realise & started to bring the book when nilam's time.
its been a while since my mom spent money on novels,
that why teacher said. i'm behind in reading nowadays, :D


Wednesday, April 22, 2009


boy meets girl

on this glorious day;
turned out quite tiring. today at our shool was like the cocoriculum day.every wednesday.
i'm wearing the PBSM uniform shirt.
seriously! even if u don't tell me. i know how i looked !
very blur..with all the white colour. and that crazy dooper 'shrink' pants!
forget about that! i even have to sit on the floor .
my fat were like going to explode. ;0

i've taken part in spelling contest.
again under teacher alia ! she's taking part in everything !
kawat kaki, drama team, choral speaking, spelling contest & others..i mean otherSSS
but i'm not the winner! got third place
it cant even consider a 'place'?
because, my marks, compared with Abl were like 4 marks
u dont know, how much i tried to get at least the same marks as him.
hhaah.but thank god! if i win. i have to go to compete with other class,
which the spelling will get even harder. so :D

P/S: please,please,please listen to that video above! the song is like super dooper HOT !
make sure you pause the song at the 'specially listening to'


Tuesday, April 21, 2009


on the greatest day :
turned out not realy great !
really dont know wht to do in this house!
when i opened the tv . i closed it back. *this thing often happen
when i went to the kitchen. there were 3 dots above my brain.
things like this usually continue to happen about 30 min. ;D
DONT REALLY CARE! the attractiveness of being a 'blur' *should i say?
after went back from school. eat eat.
went upstairs *in a flash. opened the labtop without feeling guilty. 
it's my sis's lappy acctually *love u!
me with my cousin finished the noon in front of my SIS'S labtop.
we are watching the drama called 'we got married' its a korean drama reality show.
the drama was like super coolest drama!! love it !
i'll lool foward to it tomorrow.
internet, please make it fast *the load make my neck hurt.
ok ! other than that. there were nothing obsurb today ;D  happily

Monday, April 20, 2009


stereo skyline
this particular day:
my mom have officialy safely brought me the cakes..
i took them to school. with two casanova size ! hand cramp !
argh.argh. *not really exist
they were like over 3o student that thanked my mom for the cakes.
even tho' we didnt win. but we act like one. joyfully ;D
she said to me to make sure everyone perform the doa first.
the doa: my mom will work outside of malaysia.
after  'rehat' i've got a really bad stomachache.
really didn't wish that!
not because of the cake! ! but u know *girls
i barely cant open my eyes, and all the lessons that i cannot 'in' 
my mom bought two cakes:
which flavoured : cheese & chocalate
topping : with all nuts *not really intrested
to shahirah: sorry u didnt get the cake ! *she's fasting today
i'll make u the homemade one!
to all of them that didnt get:
sorry if it's not enough for verybody!
if i wish to do that i need u all to donate to me ok!
then i buy it for u ! !
fyi: i've take part in 'the power of $10 sent! *PBSM


Saturday, April 18, 2009


'someone' wore my shirt.hate it.
please listen to my music that i just uploaded in my 'specially listening to'  *thanks; i'm doing this for the reader of :
she is currently taking the sewing class with her twin cousin.
haha.a few word for her: may god bless u!
hahah.. sewing class on sunday? what! haha..
i think she's gonna thank  me b'cause i've told u about the sewing thing.
quite sometime.she skipped her updates ;D which is bad ! very bad ! ehm.ehm.

choral speaking:
as i told u,we lost .right
but my mom said she's gonna by cheescake for them.
really dont understand a mother's behaviour.
for all the mothers out there ! chill out ! ;D
but doubt that !

the next update i will tell u about my result in my formative exam  2,
even though u dont really care about it.
but still ! must tell u guys~ ;D
not with flying colours..haha.
ok freak! i'm watching the 'naked brother's band' right now! must change!
ow.the remote! the searching ! all the running! *brothers
fyi: i am surfing infont of my tv! that's why *if u a slow learner?


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


framing hanley

today?eventually the day will come;
wednesday,the 15th April of 2009..choral speaking..
the choral speaking; according to the master (tchr) : going just great! greater than ever..
our team were presenting a story about 'jane and her brand new toaster'
there were many other team that look very good at choraling which i think ~just ok..
got 16 schools that are competing..
but.we didnt make it..not even the 5th place..
techer said we hace done our best tho'
eventho' that's the result.still enjoying ourselves..
captured as many pictures as we want! started to go crazy! waving at people that we don't even know!
oh ya! i met tasha ! hope she's doing well in asrama penuh.
to arif: u're the mighty.forever food boy ! ;D
wfqh: anjoy ur time in mines resort!aku lupe nk suro mama hntr labtop ;D add math?hbs la aku besok,ckgu kate rmai org failed siot!
to someone that think she/he was so so great!:
1. u are selfish!
2. u think u're smart is it?my ass~
3. life unfair.go lived ur life.
4. u're extremely,the most,think ,crazyly that u're good.
5. if u want to give something?please make it harmless.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


this particulur time:
just finished from..choral speking practice.
tggu van dtg sampai pukul 4.30ptg,
but still love him,..die kene accident la td..kesian dowh.
tadi chrl spkg ssh sgt..kene renew byk byk gile bnde..
aku jdk soloist..ssh.walaupun pown brape kerat je..still have to be loud..clear n all that stuff.
bru je hbs exam dowh,
tolong la!sape x gile jumpe aku?
papejela.tadi semayang kat skola??gile ar..
p/s: kls amen pandai!!
amen die sudah gila!

to wfqh: wfqh pegi x ajak owh!!pegi ape bnde tmpt tu tah?Sevanna??
siot,call dah la x dpt,not reachable?
slalunye ko ajar aku sejarah?tgok! skrg dh x de shorcut dah.aku kene bace semua tajuk! adoi~


Friday, April 3, 2009


last few days:
1. practice for choral speaking
2. got to know that next monday-formative test
3. still learning how to undrstnd physic,chemistry & add math
4. my sis accidently delete all my beloved song
5. my sis gonna enjoy at sevanna

1. update my blog
2. there were 'kawat kebakaran' at school?
3. aty 'tersejat'
school's bell rang for 4 minutes..
at school field..
aty: alamak,nk g toilet la.
baz: pegila cpt,
ckgu: x bleh,nie kebakaran la.
aty: habisla.
baz: panas seyh
aty: 2 la.
baz: x pe la..kan bole tersejat.
aty: apelah!
kucing: meow~(blur)
after 15 minutes,went to class.
baz: nk g toilet x?
aty: x pe la, dah kate tersejat.
conclusion: matahari itu panas!

4. saw something on youtube;
blurist conversation:
red man: hey
bsns man: hye
red man: nice whether?
bsns man: ya! nice cloud (the shape)
red man: so what are you before?
bsns man: sailor man
redman: upgrade huh?
bsns man: kinda,what are you before?
redman: blue..