Wednesday, September 23, 2009

230909 : 1 s t!

the day before raya:
to do the topping

i was in my dining room tried to bake a chocolate moist cake specially made for my friend, AINUR.
dont worry, it got nothing to do with my brain as my hand touches the flour.hahaha!
nothing to brag about. the cake was fine-lly moved out of the oven..i mean..nicely!
the next morning i text-ed ainur to give the cake to her but apparently she was in kedah.
i mean it's raya, of course she's 'rayaing'. after all the hard work!! my hard work!! uhuhuh..
still, my family take over ainur's place, which they eat the cake without finishing it!!
really break my heart!! maybe because that night got too many uneatable dishes and stuff,
i know, i understand, i got it.....BUT if they could, they can have a slice or two.seriously..!
my cake ;D

1st day of raya:

like all normal family did.we cook ! *dont bother if u're not normal we're done with cooking really at the edge of the time!
to finally make it on time was a miracle for azman's family! haha
we ate them just before we all going to masjid to perform solat raya. we ate like ceerraaiizzzyy.
FYI: my mom cook them ;D

1st day of raya at 11.12 am:

my little brother

after all the maaf-maafan among us *family in our house , we all went to our kampung in KL, my father's side.
after all the maaf-maafan among all the family *uncle,cousin and on.. , we take a rest or more to lepak at our wan's living room. taking picture ;D

trying to fix my tudung but..

after that ,we konvoi with our uncle to raya at our uncle2 in banting..
for that day, we raya at almost 8 houses just in banting..
and the day ends.

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought
"Hey, you know, this could be something"


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