Sunday, July 19, 2009

200709: m a k e !

*show like it supposed too

these all desire of mine start to bloom when i started to think with my head,
either acting all weird. there are also thing that i want to do that are like normal people do
it just a simple minded of me thinking i could bake a cake,
it's not acctually just a desire when it turned out as a hobby,
just like a movie *antique bakery i got all these passion to bake,
u should watch, ANTIQUE BAKERY it's about a homo's life & how he turn out as a baker.interesting plot .
based on that story, they tell us that a simple cake can make you search around the world for just a slice of dessert and eventually can make yourself 'hanged' because of that particular slice.
with combination of life and food he *director make his film go round.

baking sure is,
it;s not like i didnt try to bake,
i do bake!
it just that, i m.a.l.a.s ! very good condition of m.a.l.a.s!
it implies that i am surely not good in health thing or on.
sometimes i cannot even move my leg even if i want it to move. *lie
okay..!my brain dont want it to move, so what?!!
i do bake!
i remember the last time i tried to make chocalate cheese cake,
the momment i tried to put it in the oven,
the chesse layer that i put at the the top sank beneath the chocolate,
then, it all get messed up.but my family ate them happily though,

these picture are surely gonna be my passion in ten years time:
they are in 'most adorable pinky and hottest beautifullest live life to the max list' and they are number 122.


my name is Nur Bazilah Azman and i'm currently officialy confused:
wheather to be a baker or a dentist?
fyi:i want to be a dentist & i already figured out how my clinic will look like ;D

that looks of yours.
show me that,
u're care enough to dislike me !


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

140709: e h m m !

certainly dancing

my day continue as yours, it just that today,
there's no vomit & all the 'diarrhoea'. *cirit birit (malay)
thank goodness: today got no practice for choral speaking
that is absolutely nothing to brag about but it just mean that i have no idea of what i'm writing right now *forgive me my dear
and the next exam is coming in the end of july.
why is it have to be this fast?? no choice i guess*
if i failed this time. it is a surely, that my mom go c.r.a.z.y
*as a teenage girl u'll know what will happen to you if they went c.r.a.z.y
this evening i've to finish my homework that Izzah left me,
i've made this promise with her to make her a lasagna tomorrow morning for our morning break
and also i've promise with my jiran to make him a 'bekal'
too many promises to keep
*promises are not meant to be brake *our lesson today
OH MY GOD! my neighbour is trying to fix their house and they surely make a melody out of it.
it makes my eardrum in countless pain *dramatic

these pictures that i've got from are in my 'most adorable pinky and hottest beautifullest live life to the max list' and they are in number 10256.
pendek kata :
m e r e k a a d a l a h o r a n g y g s a y a m i n a t !

*roller blading is a fun thing !

You can play me like that
It's a matter of fact
You're nothing more than a typical whore


Monday, July 13, 2009

130709: s h i t !

before i start,i got to confirm something,
my family had this very unbearable food poisoning
therefore i announced that,if there's something wrong about my writing,
please be understanding,if not? u can shut the f*** up
& please be understandable that, all the facts that i'll write later,
are not deffinetly right as i'm not in my right mind right now.
we ended up not coming to school, as for my mum=she skipped her work
all the vomit thing..euw..
not good.not good.taste like a piece of hell

*chromosomes: meiosis 1 & 2 (metaphase)

instead of giving u the real one,i give u~~!!
the plasticine version *teng teng teng cool right?
i know. to make this all take me about 1 and 1/2 hours.
as a bio student for only give u this, its truly my mistake,
because this chapter is known as *killer question in bio
teacher try to make it more fun by plasticine.
the X = chromosomes. *will continue after the short brake
pardon me if i turn it out shitly,
as far as i concern, my family dosent have this tradition in art,
*explaining continue to built a daughter cell, u need parent cell,
with all the process..bla.bla.bla..
*continue..u'll get=46 chromosomes *feel nocious
*dont know what i'm talking about *went crazy=me *help me
conclusion is,if u dont have this 46 in total,
u'll get the downsydrome disease,
u'll born with inproper features,
such as,born without hand,finger & all that stuff.
downsydrome can be considered as not good to human
*end of explaining
speaking of downsydrome i give u these. enjoy

*he looks even cooler without his mouth, agreed?

*this is a miror of me

this is the distance in between,
you could be everything i need,
you'll be the person i dont call.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009


it supposed to be fun.

*do not judge me by this drawing

wondering why i'm doing such a thing instead of going out of the house,
just because i like to do so, *dont ask any further
as u can see.there;s a weird girl wearing skirt,it is actually my sis,
she's going to uitm in puncak alam *finally
& & u can see there's a junction outside the uitm's exit r8?
my beutiful mother seriously has no idea where should she headed her car to,
is it to the 'beautiful land' or 'the fatal area'??
as a mother that seems so confused..what do u think her mind reacts to?
so she had choose...*jeng jeng jeng (movie) duh~uh
*please refer to the next picture

*do not judge me by this drawing

so she had choose to the fatal area *red colour
with a happy smile,without a worry,
yup! deffinetly my mom! if she had choose the 'beutiful land',
than i doubt, whether she is my mom or not .
*kidding if she know i wrote it this way *result:fatal

but still ! no worries.
we finally managed to find the right way anyway ;D
it's diffinetly a lie if i say we finally met terengganu r8?
we went back to our beloved house in enstek of course!

*and also do not judge me by these pictures

because of that stupid damn sho_s,
i left you,
a kind of joyment strip my heart,

END. *it's already past 11 o'clock so,

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


special case.

this boy's like is called aninur umairah,

lately weather had change itself:
frankly speaking,lately my labtop had became my R&R pitstop.
everytime i came back from school,from lunch,from dinner,
not to mention ---toilet lol.
hahha.specially congrats to miss ainur,for officially made a blog ;D
going to meet my friend? this way please ----
seriously i've got nothing to do,so i've checked out my friend's pics in myspace,
it dosent mean i'm a stalker r8? at the top of that--a girl!!
maybe i kinda loose my mind for a second, human eror,people make mistake ;D
for acctually typing the words one by one in this post,
it surely dosent make me kinda lack of idea,
*suddenly= & & my english teacher said my marks had droped down.
she mean really low, but i'll make sure i'll make it constant to 80% this time!
inside me: surely yes *weird face ;(
another thing that make 'inside me' proud of?
-i've sold my lovely homemade puff pastry ;D
I brought about six puff to school, and all sold out babe! ;D
is that anything to proud of?
inside me: yeah!! for the first time.
there are many orders cming to me lately,i dont know if i could make
all of the orders to statisfy all of my mates ;D
with all the works at home, mopping, swepping, homework, the kids...
lolx! jk. jk. i just hit my head with a pillow at home!! gotcha !!
*not really got u am i? again making fool of myslf ! not good!

please get my joke please..
if u dont undertand the way i write,
well.suit yourself: mampos ah! aku nye blog~

politely; END.