Monday, January 4, 2010


its freaking care actually

!#%&^$@!#$^*$# !! really, pissing me off, wtf, my maid just ran away out of blue, dont really bothered if she dosent take away my phone, inside got the memory card and its very unexpectedly imprtnt. haih. just, screw her, wish her luck anyway. im freaking nice to her which i dont usually do to people. should be bad instead.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


her changes in 2010

past two nights are the most outrageous most calming 2010 night eve, i barely spend my night in a freaking cold plane, boarding on 31st dec, arrived on 1st jan, dont tell me its a cool thing please, and my foot hurts because lack of sitting rather than sleeping which is my hobby, but sleeping is not actually my hobby because i loved to read, but i dont read text books, ok i prefer sleeping, just want to make it more sprakling in your eyes, get things complicated, its 2010 man ! *i love me

things that maybe i'll do when i want to make myself a better in person;

>buy more colourful stokings because i only have yellow, purple, pink, blue and black ;O
>make myself finish my homework without help *save me god,
>eat less calories food
>have enough sleep
>i dont like kfc, please make me not to,
>dont shop! dont !
>hope i dont talk about others, i dont like if i do so, not that i do it, but.
>others: dont tell me the shit about your life, cause i wish to empty my head for now ;D
>again: hope i dont pick up amen's calls, haha, got you amen, ppppuut ;DD