Saturday, September 5, 2009


his name is snake lavuish

when i was walking towards aty's house for tuition,that morning.i was surely sure that i saw something in their's neighbour's longkang. i was wondering around with my beloved cat.
and suddenly my cat like -gggggrrrrr..when i take a look, i saw something. i DO!
it was behind the redplasticbag,
and it's percisely look like a snake. or biawak?
i told their parents, i dont know if they checked it or not?
i think they might think that i give them a false alarm or something because, when i checked it again, the only one left was that stupid plastic bag ;-
to do something that might scared you to death was certainly my fault ;DD

You were brighter than the pale whit moon
Reflected in your eyes
So i guess its no suprise
I can't forget you

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