Friday, September 18, 2009

190909 : L O K !

mercun madness


the camera was on a night mode so the pictures turned out bump-lly.
last night,instead of watching ,what they called hot movie,we playead mercun,loads of mercun ;D
i dont even spare my time on tv. it may caused eyes diffeciencies i could say,
no offensed. lately movies are not my hobby which i could spend my time with.
but i DID watch nur kasih, my mom forced me to, notthing much to say, but their graphic on that drama was quite impressive.mama like it and so,
after 10 o'c , we: my father,brothers and i went out to buy lighter to play with the mercun,
of we go, even it was late at night, like old folks said: night it still young! haha never get tired of that phrase.
wa all just balun all the father take care of the heavy one,we just played the one for kids,like naga,mercun mancis and gasing.the gasing one cant even barely spin because of the bumpy sure hard father tried to fire five of it in one time but..u know what happen if our dad tried to act that way right?
but i had my was a nice night with all the stars covering our night *poetic

*mercun gasing

after one hour playing,my mom just shout like hell,shouting: bzlh terrawih!!!!! the shouting thingy was quite looooonnngg...barely for 4 minutue and on,
yah, then i,also running like hell to perform terrawih,they said the last 10 days u have to perform good deeds,to get the malam lailatulqadar,
after i'm done with all the mercun & terrawih. i cooked porridge just to end my day..for that day only, not for my life ;D
it was a chicken porridge with seaweeds on top, nice, i guess it was me who can cook after all.

I'm climbing the walls, I'm searching for answers
The gears in my mind, are turning like dancers
I'm trying to find, the words but I just can't speak

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