Wednesday, March 17, 2010


pshyco maniac!


meet my new babe ;D
its been a week since, hee, thnks to my beloved father, even if his perangai mcm tahi tahi sedikit but wait, he got money, ngee ;DDDD

ok, what did i do these past day, ate like hell, slept like cows, run like mad, sigh like old man shitting, and i love me ;D

oh, dont know what to tell, hmm,
arif, right now you were texting me tahi lembu,
rusliza was texting me: what am i doing?
jingyie? he's lost to somehere with ama?

okay my dad just asked me when will i cooked, and its 12.00 pm, usually normal people lunch at 1, yup he's crazy, gtg ;D

p/s: arif, bring me pasir from srwk!

Monday, March 15, 2010


one word, sucks

we has started our holidays, maybe others are hitting the bungee jumping with happiness buat as for me a normal 17 years old cute kid just stuck in this so called yellow house. hmm, thank god i've got my laptop back, lol, if i didnt have it maybe u'll see me in the newspaper dead people of the week section *if there's any because its freaking hot and bored. i wondered wheather i have a chance to go to Kedah, really love it there, the food is lovely ;D the nasi lemak will taste just great in your mouth, with that daun pisang ;DD kee, fyi: i had eaten like almost 10 nasi lemak for these past week. im a moster! rar ;D

on top of that, that lucky school give us a package to be done by next week, isnt that crazy. and and i dont have a tuition break, they even made it double for this week, i love world ;0

my dad is bugging me, so i had to let go of my laptop,hmm, he's the bos.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010


happy birthday all ;D

its been like 3 week since the last day of formative test i guessed, this is the result of my hardship for bare study for 2 days before the exam,
1. biology 38%
2. physics 62%
3. chemistry 52%
4. add maths 64%
5. maths 88%
6.pend islam 72%
7. sejarah 70%
8. tasawur 62%
9. english 84%
10. b. melayu 58%

no comment for biology because everyone knows it was damned hard. for add maths, ive done a pretty bad silly mistake. tasawur sucks and congrats to lee jing yie who've got A2 for it. B. melayu ridiculously insane and maybe im the lowest. i love me ;D

today we were having the raptai for the sports's day, im taking part in kawat which i rarely do, its not rare, i only have done it once if more is absolutely not my passion. not that i hate it, it just dosent make a good sense out of it, basically it just a walk with a sun above your head. no offensed , i think people who have done marching is a cool person, i could say, if u do it right.

this is my tiny diary, just for recaping myself in future, read if u want ;D
bosan, bila nk dpt org gaji, tgn dh kasar
i've got caught, haha. syed komplot. siot.
lari, 400 m, gila! i barely done it, haha,peluk. jing mrh.
x pg sklh,kaki sakit, blkg ada muscle! haha, msk tghari, pg, mlm, penat!
x tahu hr khamis msk acara lompat jauh! td lempar cakera sucks gila, 3x batal. jing kate, gelakkan dia sbb abul?
papa blk! mkn 3 bungkus nasi lemak,tido drpd pkl 1.30 smpai pkl 5.00 ptg. mmg cari mati.
mkn nasi lemak lg! sumpah sdp gila. selsema teruk. tekak gatal gila. allergic kat muka. haih.
selsema dan batuk teruk, still pg sklh and tuition, husaini skt perut gila, kena buat org, haha
bil telefon naik gila, jingyie, sumpah doh, asyik mrh je. x fhm oh, kawat sucks.
kawat kaki raptai round dua kali, hbs lps 3 jam. sumpah x fhm jing yie. urgh. hurts

last but not least, happy birthday to ama and aty. ama i was thinking to give u a present with a frog in it, i prepared for it, even the frog, but last minute cancelled, my mom warn me to not do that, she said its bad. had to think of something else i guess.