Sunday, December 13, 2009


their songs burning me up!
meet icarus account.ty and trey

really, this band called icarus account was hot ! when i say its hot, its hot. *mind me.
the first time i listened to their new album called 'love is the answer' *it sure did ,it was a blast, i just love it, like suddenly there were birds flying, flowers glooming, the sun felt cold. *a little too much, to make it simple, it just fit with my emotions ;DD even if their genre is acoustic but i like it though, a calming feeling, sort of. they released it on dec 1st , catch up with it guys, u can catch them up in myspace. in love.lights camera action.obsessed with stars.for the both of us.invicuble.tidal wave and hurricanes.little these are the list of their songs in their new album called love is the answer. hoop, hoop, hurray !

my life starts,
nothing happens. again i woke up late, but this time is the worst, it was 12.30 pm. its really late, as a girl who went to school at smkkklia and a girl who had a bio class the next day *not related haha ;D but this time it was not because of jaz and her no happy ending bed story, now, its because i wait for someone called L for his comment in myspace. cheh. and then he told me that, its a lame story but, just be with me, *ILUG, then he called me and tell me that he was sorry for made me wait for 20 minutes. not a big deaal acctually but, for him to called was a kinda aarrgghh.not the first time also. not like i hate it but, if your bill went up. just dont blame me yah? and it was not some kind of short conversation, it was long one, and i pity him who always the one who called. i am not rich as u see, if u know me.*chuckles, if he read this i'm dead meat, fyi, he is a big gangster now and forever ;DD he used to hit a girl, my friend named I , when he hit her, that girl fall flipping over, not cool huh? gangster. he said i was gedik, my laugh and stuff, cheh, like he dont ;O
p/s for L: on 131209, at 18:34 u became gedik! heee ;D

there something in your smile, that keeps me coming back,
there something in your eyes, that makes me melt inside,
there something in your words, that make me feel like i am safe,


Wednesday, December 9, 2009


i've made a messed of me
that is shit flying

arrgh, its really breaking my nerve, doing all this blog thingy, i tried to change the way it looks, as u can see, the background is a bit dark like im giving black aura to the readers *pardon me but as i look through the latest layout for blogger its a bit too much and so lively which will make my readers happy, which i dont think i would like that.i am full of jealousy as u can see ;D may the ghost be with you always i supposed, its good for your health *kill me
last night i slept around 4.00 am *nothing have to do with u but. just listening to jaz's story, its not like i need a bedtime story or stuff, and, god, the so called bedtime stories were so long and im sure there is no happy ending in it. we talked about our schoolmates and life of crse, it shouldn't be we because the one who did the talking was jaz. cheh, i only remember part of it though, i cant remember things in a long period, i had this disease which are contagious and uncureable, called 'i dont care a shit out of it except my life ;D ' cool huh? with all the smiley thingy, heh ;) but dont get me wrong i listen to every single word if u tell me it just i cant seems to remember it.

arrgh, really, long time no type *should be long time no see just telling. these are the list that what i should be doing right now:
1.praying less maggie at night
3.packing my things for hldy
4.should be taking a shower *its 12.30 though
5. finishing my package *spm next year
6.kick my brother's ass *pissed me off
7.dont pick up amen's call *bothered

that's the thing i should be doing which i dont and make funny bullshit list out of em ;D

i've always thought the left
was your strongest side
but when it comes to you, now i cant decide


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


it pissed me off.
so after counting the days, i now sure that this is the third week after last day of school, or is it?mind me, i barely got 40 or something for my ridiculous modern math test, simple saying, im more than worse in math,hahha *this is not something u should laugh about,
so, for staying at home reading manga is a pain in the ass, fyi, i was like sitting in this hard so called bed for more than 6 hours and it caused my ass unbearable pain, forgive me,
i really want to go to cinema right now, but amazingly the movie's playing right now is a little bit ridiculous, which amazed me, and stop talking about new moon, it pissed me, the ending was a shocked, wtf, err,

just now dilla texted me, inviting me to go for an outing, che, i want to go but lately my dad pissed because we didint control our behaviour and such, che, like we dont, haih, dont have any problem before but it just lately, really dont undersatnd all this grown up thinking, maybe i dropped my marks in exam, *dosent really matter, sometimes i think that they were some kind of jealous or something because we had our fun. funny.

so for that reason, i just enjoyed my weekend without my ass on the bed, shit, it hurts till now, shouldnt spend a long time reading manga, making me in this position. i went to my uncle's house,dont really clear about the occasion but im sure there were a kenduri arwah, that expain the baju kurung and stuff, kenduri and birthday party because there was a cake, eehh, that were it, it sure spend out the half of my day out of it, herrm,

kenduri arwah: due to my grandfather,
kenduri makan: due to my grandfather,
birthday prty: rayan's birthday,