Saturday, July 3, 2010


study is hard ;o

these are pretty it, didnt have much to say, just went to weddings, spent time with books, and went for holiday a week after school holiday ;D

eagering: this providence-keeping on without you

Thursday, June 17, 2010


someone officially 'akad nikah' today
idk, is that the right term?

these were taken using my phone camera, so, mind the shaking. will upload the rest photo photographed by me with the SLR, congratulation abg Hadi and hope you lived happily ever after ;D , gtg


soemone cooked?

it was nicely tasted by me ;D hee, thnks.


day out ;D
stuff we do:
*say hye to everyone as we get in the car
*met intan halfway
*got stuck while queing for cinema's tickets
*people look at my shoes in different ways?
*watched the 'A' team, and karate kid
*prefer bowling as a hard game,
*get back before 12.00pm *nicely done

Sunday, June 13, 2010


i had a great time kot,

went to genting yesterday, not a good timing though, because of the perfect rain ,you see, haih, someone said i didnt told him, im afraid he's quite mad, sorry, i'll definntly go with you next time round, with others also, because we plan this rashing, but seriously, im afraid of the pirate ship rather than the rollercster, havent take them quite a while,havent had the guts to go inside the hunted adventure, i dnt have someone to hang into, woo, and we stay there just in the noon,

this is wht i should do next time,
*bring batu along
*pack some sushi *just in case
*ride rollercster twice *its fun
*go to the hunted house
*takes a lot of pictures
*ride the catrpllr thingy *looks fun?
*ride the flying coaster *its raining, so

eagering: the tittle-six stars tonight