Friday, September 11, 2009

110909 : L O L !

till death do us part?

i have this really hot story that i saw in this online movie,
the story is about this one old women aged 33 and a guy aged 24 y/o
their age is about 9 years difference.this guy is an mechanician and the women work in advertising company.this guy had never stop liking the women since he was high schooling,
until one day he decided to stay away from her by doing tour around the world.
after one year had pass,he still cannot get rid of her out of he's mind.
*and then..there;s a really long story ;D
continue: eventually they start dating each other.the women's mom dosent like their relationship because of the age gap they have and it's because the guy is the women's best friend brother.
and in this one night: the guy met the women with a glass*window between them.
women:how can we live like this?my mom wont approve us.
guy: it's ok..
women:hmm.because of our age gap,it's really hard people to accept it.
guy: true..
women: i'm worried. if i'm aging older & older.will you cheat on me?
guy:dont worry,even if u cheat on me with others, i wont cheat on you.

when he said: even if u cheat on me with others, i wont cheat on you!
i was like..this guy is really perfect! HAHAHA! 9 years man! seriously!

meet mayday parade
The new album, entitled Anywhere But Here, will be released October 6, 2009.

secret love, my escape,
will you answer my pray,
take me anywhere but here.

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