Sunday, September 27, 2009

270909 : w o t !

ourpreciouslastnight ;D

i woke up at 11.30 and there was a voice shouting 'kwn papa dtg' !
our house were fulled with people of course ;)
it's not like we're a having a rumah terbuka and stuff .. but it's a good thing though..having such a people in our house, papa love it and so,
there got people from melaka,shah alam, alorsetar and on,
my mom cooked mee goreng mamak three times in a row *because my maid doesnt know how to plus with char keow teow , i ate the charkeowteow and i love it! *even pulaupinang one's is the best!
they went back at about 8.00 pm or something, we changed our dirty clothes in a blink of time because at 12.00 am papa have a flight to ;D
we moved our car at 9.30 and on that day, KLIA was fulled with people! my sister said it's because student are making their step to a better world *overseas? she said,

pappapap ;' D
there he goes

my dad went happily of course, till next month yaa ;D , make sure u'll bring more burger and honey ! dont buy watch anymore, u have too many of 'em !!
i have to make my way now, i havent finish my addmath hmwrk YET ! i can see the dark clouds above my head right now wishing me to fail my day for tomorrow !

when the sky rolls up and mountains fall on their knees
when time and space are through
I'll be found in you


Thursday, September 24, 2009

240909 : m l s !

bodoh-ing with my sister

on the 2nd day,we went to johore *my mother's side, besides, eventually we have to go there anyway because it's been a year or something we havent meet our cousins there, due to our coming exam ;D
before we went to johore,we had made a desicion *we have a meeting among us-family to start the engine first in the morning like or something so it wil make us wake up at 5.oo am,
but u know something came up, there was a typhoon,tsunami and stuff but still we couldnt make it in time,dont know why?
ok,ok long story,still, i woke up at 9.30 am, i dont know about others but i woke up at 9.30,and that made us start our engine at 11.20 am, to and 11.20, that was a difference over there, i could say ;D ?
so we reached there at about 5.30 pm and i was proud of that??! ;)


smilimg with my dearest cousins zikri
i am not kid for sure, mainan perang

as soon as we reached there,we dont even spare our time visiting our cousins or uncle, even on that area. shitto! feels like wasting my time,
instead of doing all that visiting others thingy, i wasted my priceless time with playing the bunga raya like crazy jijah holding flowers in the corner of the street ;0 *what the..?
thinking of that, i didnt even hold my all mighty pen to do my all mighty homework, *taking a deep breath, god bless me ;D


we did tried to make a 'word' but this IS what we get
i do NOT blame them ;0

All the things I used to have
Cigarette smoke, white pills and cash
The purity it never lasts, i keep forgetting

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

230909 : 1 s t!

the day before raya:
to do the topping

i was in my dining room tried to bake a chocolate moist cake specially made for my friend, AINUR.
dont worry, it got nothing to do with my brain as my hand touches the flour.hahaha!
nothing to brag about. the cake was fine-lly moved out of the oven..i mean..nicely!
the next morning i text-ed ainur to give the cake to her but apparently she was in kedah.
i mean it's raya, of course she's 'rayaing'. after all the hard work!! my hard work!! uhuhuh..
still, my family take over ainur's place, which they eat the cake without finishing it!!
really break my heart!! maybe because that night got too many uneatable dishes and stuff,
i know, i understand, i got it.....BUT if they could, they can have a slice or two.seriously..!
my cake ;D

1st day of raya:

like all normal family did.we cook ! *dont bother if u're not normal we're done with cooking really at the edge of the time!
to finally make it on time was a miracle for azman's family! haha
we ate them just before we all going to masjid to perform solat raya. we ate like ceerraaiizzzyy.
FYI: my mom cook them ;D

1st day of raya at 11.12 am:

my little brother

after all the maaf-maafan among us *family in our house , we all went to our kampung in KL, my father's side.
after all the maaf-maafan among all the family *uncle,cousin and on.. , we take a rest or more to lepak at our wan's living room. taking picture ;D

trying to fix my tudung but..

after that ,we konvoi with our uncle to raya at our uncle2 in banting..
for that day, we raya at almost 8 houses just in banting..
and the day ends.

I remember what you wore on the first day
You came into my life and I thought
"Hey, you know, this could be something"


Friday, September 18, 2009

190909 : L O K !

mercun madness


the camera was on a night mode so the pictures turned out bump-lly.
last night,instead of watching ,what they called hot movie,we playead mercun,loads of mercun ;D
i dont even spare my time on tv. it may caused eyes diffeciencies i could say,
no offensed. lately movies are not my hobby which i could spend my time with.
but i DID watch nur kasih, my mom forced me to, notthing much to say, but their graphic on that drama was quite impressive.mama like it and so,
after 10 o'c , we: my father,brothers and i went out to buy lighter to play with the mercun,
of we go, even it was late at night, like old folks said: night it still young! haha never get tired of that phrase.
wa all just balun all the father take care of the heavy one,we just played the one for kids,like naga,mercun mancis and gasing.the gasing one cant even barely spin because of the bumpy sure hard father tried to fire five of it in one time but..u know what happen if our dad tried to act that way right?
but i had my was a nice night with all the stars covering our night *poetic

*mercun gasing

after one hour playing,my mom just shout like hell,shouting: bzlh terrawih!!!!! the shouting thingy was quite looooonnngg...barely for 4 minutue and on,
yah, then i,also running like hell to perform terrawih,they said the last 10 days u have to perform good deeds,to get the malam lailatulqadar,
after i'm done with all the mercun & terrawih. i cooked porridge just to end my day..for that day only, not for my life ;D
it was a chicken porridge with seaweeds on top, nice, i guess it was me who can cook after all.

I'm climbing the walls, I'm searching for answers
The gears in my mind, are turning like dancers
I'm trying to find, the words but I just can't speak

Thursday, September 17, 2009

180909 : H A K !

two more days untill we meet raya. just telling..

this is what they call marshmallow?

that so-called marshie2 were absolutely homemade by me,
i learned it form nigella-express *travel&living
that night was late at 10.00 pm, i was wondering like mad just to think what to bake.
i walked inside the storefood room and i found cornstarch,
with combination of nigella+cornstarch=my marshie2
it give a big impact to mythbuster's program tv show, u all know mythbuster r8?
they *MYTHBUSTER use it for many reason..and also play with it quite perfesionally..i could say ;D
so, there were born my marshie2.thankyou for your support ;D

i found this picture in my lappie,i gave this perfume to wany,as i remembered *which is my friend for her beloved birthday.
i dont know why i post this but wany asked me, no, she kinda forced me, to write about her on my post. so there it is, wany!!! ILvU! ILvU! haaha geli je wany ;D

I found myself trapped in this cell all alone
I can't get out
can't you see the walls breaking dow

Monday, September 14, 2009

140909: L O F !


we malaysians,muslims are having raya this following week.
as u all already know and counted these days in pain. this week 'should' be the last week of fasting. or shouldn't it? jk.jk.
and congrats to people who made it with joy-lly and greatfully.
as u people are busy with your preparation and stuff, i'll be surely busy enjoying the school holiday!! i'm not really in-to raya. dont know why,really?
after some sense come to my mind.i am pretty sure that, it feels like our school holiday becoming shorter and shorter and i am not sure why is that happening?
though.i'll enjoy my week.hope u do?

p/s: 4S1. dont be to happy with it. u have to deal with a great amount of homework left by your dearly teachers.that includes me ;D

something to brighten your day

You are the earth beneath my feet,
You are my gravity.
Cause lately I've been tired and uninspired.

Friday, September 11, 2009

110909 : L O L !

till death do us part?

i have this really hot story that i saw in this online movie,
the story is about this one old women aged 33 and a guy aged 24 y/o
their age is about 9 years difference.this guy is an mechanician and the women work in advertising company.this guy had never stop liking the women since he was high schooling,
until one day he decided to stay away from her by doing tour around the world.
after one year had pass,he still cannot get rid of her out of he's mind.
*and then..there;s a really long story ;D
continue: eventually they start dating each other.the women's mom dosent like their relationship because of the age gap they have and it's because the guy is the women's best friend brother.
and in this one night: the guy met the women with a glass*window between them.
women:how can we live like this?my mom wont approve us.
guy: it's ok..
women:hmm.because of our age gap,it's really hard people to accept it.
guy: true..
women: i'm worried. if i'm aging older & older.will you cheat on me?
guy:dont worry,even if u cheat on me with others, i wont cheat on you.

when he said: even if u cheat on me with others, i wont cheat on you!
i was like..this guy is really perfect! HAHAHA! 9 years man! seriously!

meet mayday parade
The new album, entitled Anywhere But Here, will be released October 6, 2009.

secret love, my escape,
will you answer my pray,
take me anywhere but here.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


his name is snake lavuish

when i was walking towards aty's house for tuition,that morning.i was surely sure that i saw something in their's neighbour's longkang. i was wondering around with my beloved cat.
and suddenly my cat like -gggggrrrrr..when i take a look, i saw something. i DO!
it was behind the redplasticbag,
and it's percisely look like a snake. or biawak?
i told their parents, i dont know if they checked it or not?
i think they might think that i give them a false alarm or something because, when i checked it again, the only one left was that stupid plastic bag ;-
to do something that might scared you to death was certainly my fault ;DD

You were brighter than the pale whit moon
Reflected in your eyes
So i guess its no suprise
I can't forget you