Sunday, October 25, 2009

261009:A H E A D !

A H E A D !

i have final exam coming ahead and i love 'the maine' *got nothing to do
i thought the exam will be going on for the whole three week, bit it turned out that it's only gonna be two weeks long, my time will be packed with books *i can tell
books/subjects that i have studied:
books/subjects that i must fininsh by tomorrow:
-Additional Math
-Tassawur *i dont know if i could make it in this subject;!

even without thinking, i have loads of books i have to finish before the time comes,i barely make it like 2 out of 10 ! wtF ! what a difference ;D

but no worries,i had my head under control *i guessed

they had released the song for a little while,
it just that they just make a music video for it,it called into your arms, by 'TheMaine'
right now,i'm so so so so in love with this music video,
maybe it'll not amazed u how much it amazed me till i could blow my top off, but please enjoy it though,

I'm fallin' in love
But it's fallin' apart.
I need to find my way back to the start

Friday, October 16, 2009

171009 : H I L L !


on 16th of august 09,
everyone were having a hard time,i'm aware of that but we dont need such a behaviour lol.
hahha,it;s been four days since my grandpa was taken to hospital. they said he was in a nazak state, but i dont really think so, but sometimes he do looked sick...he's having the breathing difficulities, i guessed. i've known all along, because i have it too, asthma ;O
seriously,everyone were freaking scared, not to mention me, i've spent my two beloved day doing nothing in the hospital *i should think to bring books lol, the kids were continuosly being shouted by the old people, i dont even buy it though ;D
saying: this is the hospital,low down your voice!! they said,
i was like, the hell, think before u bring us here lol! i dont even have my complete meals! i should have shouted like mad, *apparently i dont, which now becomes my regret

4.00pm we went to my mother;s open house *house or building because it was in her workplace, that explain why there were my pictures with baju kurung lol, *i changed it

Shawty got that super thing
Hotter than the sun of south in spain
Got me soon as I walked through the door

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

141009 : C H I !

hr tu sumpah biasa,

that night the people of jentayu decided to make a gathering among them,
lol, the sky sure look bright that night, they even called the firetruck for emergencies? *yaaa
hahha,spending my night taking pictures,chitchating with Han,Jas and very good segerombolan of kids,
i cant dare to tell whether it's a hot night or borg night?simple saying, the food cant even barely touch my bare stomach.hahha ;D *ithinkiminlovewithlaksasarawak
actually, u know blogger was made for expressing ourselves but i surely doubt that,
explain why, i cant do such a thing called 'typing' or 'expressing'??!!!
oky.wtF! my dad just send me a message saying he's gonna be in malaysia first thing in the morning and i think it's in 6.30 AM!! lol.
his reason: he wants to see his dad ;D really 'sub' that. haha
i think i gomna miss my raya party at school, sorry peeps, no carbonara for you'll !! shitty ;0

Friday, October 9, 2009

091009 : H I T !

at first i did fast, but after a little while,i went to toilet then i found out i got myself the P liscence.hahha! i thought today is the third day i'm doing the puasa nam, still 4 more to go babe!
at evening i went to the Dewan Serbaguna to play of course, badminton, syed invite the whole class but there were 60% of them only ;(
still we had our fun ;D besides,i play only for 25 minute and so, hahha, letih sial!
nie arif punye psl, die syg gile camera, suro bawak !
x pe arif, demi KO! bwweekk, g mati ;o

barely 60% of the class
faz & afiq

So this is where it all begins
You see my patience wearing thin
I know that your enjoying this somehow
I'll never understood how you can be so proud

Sunday, October 4, 2009

041009: y o r !

your demand:

my father insist to meet my friend eventhough he is in Dubai, UAE,
so we made it by skype-ing through my lappie ;D


ok we are totally having fun today ;D
crazy with all the raya-ing stuff,
this time it was my house, even though it was a last minute call, but they made it to come,
the second house;shahidah, the third house;elyna, the forth house;izzah ;D
those who were in the scenes:
bzlh, biru, muhaimin, *new friends, izzah, aty, wany, vennu, wachim, fazrul, afiq, r, ikhwan, saromas, firdaus, sufi, people from yesterday, and loads of them,

old school
and our day ends ;D

but im waiting
for sharper words
to come from trustd friends


Saturday, October 3, 2009


simply noon.

ama, aty, bzlh
bzlh, aty
misrh,elyna,aimi,vennu,aisyah, izztl?

too hand just jammed *to type
the same peeps,

those who are there:
ama, izzah, aty, diyana, hana, syafinaz, maisarah, aisyah, elyna, aimi, thursina and brothers, firdaus, lee, r, afiq, arif, ridzuan, sufi, fazrul n many more, it just that i cant seems to remember all of it,and plus the student from class 4s2, so, these are the names ;D

when we are gathering in the living room.someone farted! hahah! funny lol. the smell was like a explosive sulphur ;0 hhaah.i had my eyes on payan ;0 *awareness

ama's house: her mom kindly cooked us asam laksa n it was deliciouso~
cant even have a long chat to ama because she was busy handling the guest,
n n i met intan, ainur and peeps, and cant have a long chat neither ;(

i dont have photobucket so i upload the pictures in blogger, sorry, there are many more though, but couldnt put it in this update.
and then we take a walk to the park,
firdaus, arif, fazrul, aty, bzlh ;D

after the snaping stuff, we went home, nearly at 6.30 pm.

Theres to many hours to count down to midnight
But you never wanted to let it go
when your talking for hours