Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Before Today,

watch out, he's back! :
in that red tee. my dad...at this particular time,nearly to 5 pm..with an empty stomach..we walked.
wondering around to search for halal restaurant.but still cant find the right shop.lol.ending up eating in our hotel.like old folks said "what comes around goes around" ? lol.


the third day: playing at the shore,
haha, the hilarious thing, papa play a role in 'baywatch'-cannot tell u any further..very 'fragile'
to mama:
i think she work as a shells collector before she was born..(she even packed all the shells she collected back to 'semenanjung')

gwen stefani-dont speak! :
the other member of family, spending their time with the sea..coral and all that stuff,
i just ended up sleeping on that jeti..even the jeti is more comfortble than sleeping in our hotels bed. afiq, afiq
pom, pom,pom,pom !


love these picture. jazmina was holding her behold umang2.it even hava a name.

on the way back from snokerling *dont know if i spell it right. & their island-called Mabul.

speak babe! :
hhaa..on our day staying in sabah,tawau..we had changed like 4 hotels..for only 5 days. gila!
if u (papa)  have so that much money to spend,spend it for my roller blde! haha

my view:
every restaurant in Sabah used chopstick, so, my skills in using chpstic increased ! yay.
we ate steamboat for 2 time in two days in a row.haha. 
& & there's more, we got to eat eggs in morning & night at Mabul. yay. egg,egg,egg...

my dad went back to Dubai after 3 day we landed from Sabah...
i hope he come back again with some present for me! hhaa
this cuti like a little bit boring, && the next cuti will be on jun...ahhh!*frust


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

aty's :

hahha, aty's :
ok..here's the story,on 9th march 1993, in this very beautiful world...were born a chubby baby,named IZZATY, that's aty in her pink dress...so yesterday, it's her birthday party..but she's getting old already...still want to do the party..haha (aty~i love u)

haha..that girl with the green dress is me! haha..that time i look very 'white'...hahah..maybe it's because the flash! haha. that girls next to me are tasha & aty.

at this momment we are trying to play games..so suddenly my sis 'snaped' their faces...husaini & aiman & others...

this picture : taken for myspace..hahha.everyone seems very happy..

me & my brother, finally. i really want to take  a picture with him! hahah.my face look like....ehm?


Thursday, March 5, 2009

feel good today!


beautiful smile from a 'monkey'
at school:
today at school ther's some sort of presentaition..
we actually have to discuss about the meaning of ones song's lyric...
hahah..n guess what my 'beloved' frnd had choose to take? the 'high school musical'.soundtrck.
forget about that,i'll tell u later.

scene 1
aty went to tchr to do the 'undian'..& we'll be the 8th group to present! thnk god.lucky aty!
when we realised that the time is not enough after we calculate the time..so hard u know..
we used the calculator to divide,plus , minus & multiply & it almost like doing add math work! haha
the soon we know we couldn't make the presntaition...boom!
we smilling like crazy,just imagine..in silent..two girls smilling at the back of the class..
it's like keerraaizzyyy....just like our freind up there (the monkey smilling)

english class
HSM3,HSM3,HSM3...remind me of chemistry...u know r8? H2O..CH2...haha
for those who don't know the hell these are?
this movie: high school musical 3..
loved by: aty, aty, aty, tasha & aleesa 
i dont really know about it..but i know it sponsered by 'disney' ?? hahha..
they told me that they had watched that movie over & over! haha, ,girls~
about the presentaition: we choose this movie's soundtrck..'dance with me' (somethng like tht)
hhaha..btw. wish my group luck ya!

attention !
MALAY: 78%
ADD MATHS: 43%  ;(
P. ISLAM: 60%  ;(
CHEMISTRY:   ? ? ?
PHYSICS:  40%  above...


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

small stomach?

breaking news !

lee min ho fell on red carpet !
so sad! people said because he's so tall !!
hot people  fell with style!!

these are the member of  the drama 'boys over flower'
highlight to LEE MIH HO

last saturday: 

the purpose of this party: to celebrate tasha's birthday!
haha..but we ended up coming late, i mean very late...haha
i came at 10 o'clock n aiman & alan came at like 11 o'clock...haaha..very drastic...

that 'tunjuk-menunjuk' ,the purpose: i dont know... ;p
that aiman have mental disoder...haahha..but not me..i'm normal maa... lol!

today at school: 
scene 1

while waiting for tchr to come...i..bzlh..take out my karipap..haha
i give it to aty, shrh kudus & shrh...
bzlh: nah ambillah
shrh kudus: kebas dulu...
aty: first step-ambik, second step-makan....third step-bace doa...   [terbalik]
shrh: ambik..makan.

aty: eh dh makan satu karipap rase kenyang pulak...oh no wonder: perut dh kecik?

n i was like: smilling a little while n then i said 'tulis dlm blog'
if u dont understand the story: please refer to my past blog i updated.find aty,then u know.

scene 2

seriously...i really want to write it but now my sister like calling me bzlh..bzlh..bzlh..
i kinda lost my brain...if u listen to her voice!! haha! please...


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

in love with

currently in love with:

intoducing to you: A CHANGE OF PACE

u guys must listen to their song-the latest album!
their behaviour like very open minded thinking...quite cool..
not to mention their song...very hot!

introducing to you: NELL

this band, like the rockest korean band i ever liked!
instead of rock song u heard,their songs were like melo songs..very peacefull..
combined with the melody of piano and everything really suited them!
as far as i know..korean people only like grouping member...the good looking one.
but i think they are quite cool though ;pp

introducing to you:  NEVERSHOUTNEVER

he's songs also very peacefull. a little bit techno and all that..
i started to know him in myspace. i dont know if u guys know him?it's good if u know laa ;p

introducing to you:  MISSINCAT

she sings with a britain melody..very soft.. you can checkout at youtube.
her song back on my feet were a KILLING!
even though the song very quick but if u listen to it carefully..it quite nice...

intoducing to you: BACK ON

this is a japan's band..as you know the japanesse love to create a metal songs..i dunno what it's called..la..
they like to scream...like very loud..&  nyaring..haha
but the 'back on'  band like a universal song..which everyone can sing along...(credits to aty)

intorucing to you: MC  THE  MAX

just one thing: wow!
korean band...their drummer played very heardable.

Monday, March 2, 2009

tagged season ? :)

tagged by : izzaty iszham
my frnd: izzaty iszham (PCD)
1. her name, izzaty iszham.
2. thing that izzaty related to me? she's my frnd,jiran, my badminton arrival..(haha)
3. she love to sing...i mean like 'hell sing'-means:very good and love to sing like mad in class. hahah.
4. she's taking part in drama audition. in that drama she bacame the 'mak temah'! very famous character.haha
5. mak temah a.k.a cinderella.haha.the glass slipper we change it to 'manggis'.(aty,u know right?)
6. she likes to called me 'cerite donggeng'? i duuno why. please ask her for me?
7. btw: if u noticed she's wearing her new glasses.. bbweek~
8. the person next to her-her very beloved sister,cannot be appart! (like kembar siam)
9. and the last part: i'm trying to know about her like  a lot more.
10. && she's like the queen of math.
11. her mother told me she like math very much.no wonder when she got B.she's so freaked out! not to mention me? haha.


tagged by : lee jing jing
just one thing: hahah!!

1. her name, the gorgeous lee jing jing
2. she's a chinesse.i dont know if u noticed. face like a mongolian.hahah. so sleepy la i guess.sorry ;)
3. as far as u can see she's wearing a scarf aroud her neck?
4. she's studying pure science in her upper form.
5. she's a normal girl.
6. i think she's from terengganu. she can speak that 'loghat'.haha ;p
7. aah,, she's my sister's best frnd.
8. she's very active but not sure in what? i think in outdoors activities?
9. i dunno whether she like cooking or not..u go ask her if u want to know ok?
10. i think she likes to watch movie.