Thursday, September 17, 2009

180909 : H A K !

two more days untill we meet raya. just telling..

this is what they call marshmallow?

that so-called marshie2 were absolutely homemade by me,
i learned it form nigella-express *travel&living
that night was late at 10.00 pm, i was wondering like mad just to think what to bake.
i walked inside the storefood room and i found cornstarch,
with combination of nigella+cornstarch=my marshie2
it give a big impact to mythbuster's program tv show, u all know mythbuster r8?
they *MYTHBUSTER use it for many reason..and also play with it quite perfesionally..i could say ;D
so, there were born my marshie2.thankyou for your support ;D

i found this picture in my lappie,i gave this perfume to wany,as i remembered *which is my friend for her beloved birthday.
i dont know why i post this but wany asked me, no, she kinda forced me, to write about her on my post. so there it is, wany!!! ILvU! ILvU! haaha geli je wany ;D

I found myself trapped in this cell all alone
I can't get out
can't you see the walls breaking dow

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