Friday, May 15, 2009


crazy little summer day:
hmm,how do i start,not that i've many thing to spare,to me,it just many,
as i told u,today got the chemistry exam,hmm.
no need to tell u any further,u know how hard it can be,
even after stayed up late just reading whole 'bunch' of chemistry book,
every step i read the chemstry book,my *eyebagg grow  1 mm longer,
today is the only day i've the day to spend my day with labtp,
tmrrw,no more lbtop for me ;(
& tomrrw got tuition,till now, i didnt got time to do the exercise,
for awhile:must finish,must finish! later: ok,i'll think about it, *-.-
uh! by the way, my sis went to the operation safely,
and went back to her vip room in one piece.
really thankfull for that,she had this one disease, dont know what its called.
something hogliaw or something, i've search for it
but it's not in my brain! *blur ,go n search if u want,
i will give the perfect name of that disease  ;D

Thursday, May 14, 2009


breathe carolina
this really good day:
today was like a chaos lol,today got history paper exam,tomorow got chemistry,
the history paper got essay, it supposed to be long,
the time given to compele the paper, 2 hours30min,
only the last minute teacher told us that it must be there page long,
it was like crazy, at the hall , people like 'hhhmm..'
enough with all the structure questions, plus all the essay?
i just have my finger cross waiting for the marks,
wish me luck yaa,
next! chemstry, long way to go babe,


Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This time, currently:
seriously,if it's not because of wani,probally i'm studying right now,
u know why?
she was like shouting at school 'bazilah! when are u gonna update ur blog?'
& i was like: 'didnt we'll having exam this week'
& she was like '! '
but, its true la, i really forget that i have blog in google,
forgot to update ya, i'm a human & i have exam first thing in the morning.
ok,here i am,typing about her, all that stuff.
tomorrow i have sejarah paper, 'supposed' to be finish reading tonight,
but, u know . middle age. credits to *mainan perang
ok physics are hard to learn, chemistry makes me crazy,add math='currently' in love.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


this past few days:
i keep arguing with my mom which that about,
who'll use the computer first!
okay,during my holiday i would really2 like to spend it with watching
all the variety reality show,
instead of doing that, i was lying  on the bed perfectly,
my mom take over it,
okay,dont know what to continue,end.
as u all know:
the past friday was the labour day right;
the day before which was friday,
when im at school,when the needle pointed sharply at 2.30pm,
we were like shouting as we are gonna take holiday for a week,
okay,really don't know what to continue,can i end this?

last friday:
i've skip tuition, really fell guilty about that,
instead of study, mum,jaz, n me.
went to shopping,
really guys,out there were like crazy for the summer sale,
i dont even know Malaysia have summer,
am i lack of information,*that's explain the result i got for geography
or the world is to cruel! 
*my imaginary freind said:whatever~
i feel that everyday is a hot day,
will that make our country malaysia,