Sunday, April 26, 2009


Elliot Minor
Hahaha, this beutiful day:
i woke up every morning,which is arround 9.30 *still early
waiting for my mom to come back with delicious  breakfast *patiently
when she came back, grab that 'kebab' *its a food,fyi
just spending my time surfing the internet..
kinda lost with it, boring..all movies that i think i know,i already watched u have one?do share ;D
hmm,what else?
oh ya..from today,i think i'm not very enjoying food like i always do,
its according to my mood, *IF U EVER HEARD
just 10.30pm
i was video camming with my dad in Dubai ;D
he's gonna come back to Malaysia on 18th of mei 2009. *again
just for one more day ...*sigh


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