Wednesday, April 22, 2009


boy meets girl

on this glorious day;
turned out quite tiring. today at our shool was like the cocoriculum day.every wednesday.
i'm wearing the PBSM uniform shirt.
seriously! even if u don't tell me. i know how i looked !
very blur..with all the white colour. and that crazy dooper 'shrink' pants!
forget about that! i even have to sit on the floor .
my fat were like going to explode. ;0

i've taken part in spelling contest.
again under teacher alia ! she's taking part in everything !
kawat kaki, drama team, choral speaking, spelling contest & others..i mean otherSSS
but i'm not the winner! got third place
it cant even consider a 'place'?
because, my marks, compared with Abl were like 4 marks
u dont know, how much i tried to get at least the same marks as him.
hhaah.but thank god! if i win. i have to go to compete with other class,
which the spelling will get even harder. so :D

P/S: please,please,please listen to that video above! the song is like super dooper HOT !
make sure you pause the song at the 'specially listening to'



NieSah said...

TERsuka plak lagu nih..
every video should do like dis..putting the lyrics..easier to karaoke ..
yg penting laki tuh ensem.;p

bzlh azmn said...

have no comment about that.
my brother said it's like a comercial lol.
that boy is hot? kinda ;D

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