Saturday, April 18, 2009


'someone' wore my shirt.hate it.
please listen to my music that i just uploaded in my 'specially listening to'  *thanks; i'm doing this for the reader of :
she is currently taking the sewing class with her twin cousin.
haha.a few word for her: may god bless u!
hahah.. sewing class on sunday? what! haha..
i think she's gonna thank  me b'cause i've told u about the sewing thing.
quite sometime.she skipped her updates ;D which is bad ! very bad ! ehm.ehm.

choral speaking:
as i told u,we lost .right
but my mom said she's gonna by cheescake for them.
really dont understand a mother's behaviour.
for all the mothers out there ! chill out ! ;D
but doubt that !

the next update i will tell u about my result in my formative exam  2,
even though u dont really care about it.
but still ! must tell u guys~ ;D
not with flying colours..haha.
ok freak! i'm watching the 'naked brother's band' right now! must change!
ow.the remote! the searching ! all the running! *brothers
fyi: i am surfing infont of my tv! that's why *if u a slow learner?


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