Monday, April 20, 2009


stereo skyline
this particular day:
my mom have officialy safely brought me the cakes..
i took them to school. with two casanova size ! hand cramp !
argh.argh. *not really exist
they were like over 3o student that thanked my mom for the cakes.
even tho' we didnt win. but we act like one. joyfully ;D
she said to me to make sure everyone perform the doa first.
the doa: my mom will work outside of malaysia.
after  'rehat' i've got a really bad stomachache.
really didn't wish that!
not because of the cake! ! but u know *girls
i barely cant open my eyes, and all the lessons that i cannot 'in' 
my mom bought two cakes:
which flavoured : cheese & chocalate
topping : with all nuts *not really intrested
to shahirah: sorry u didnt get the cake ! *she's fasting today
i'll make u the homemade one!
to all of them that didnt get:
sorry if it's not enough for verybody!
if i wish to do that i need u all to donate to me ok!
then i buy it for u ! !
fyi: i've take part in 'the power of $10 sent! *PBSM


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