Tuesday, April 21, 2009


on the greatest day :
turned out not realy great !
really dont know wht to do in this house!
when i opened the tv . i closed it back. *this thing often happen
when i went to the kitchen. there were 3 dots above my brain.
things like this usually continue to happen about 30 min. ;D
DONT REALLY CARE! the attractiveness of being a 'blur' *should i say?
after went back from school. eat eat.
went upstairs *in a flash. opened the labtop without feeling guilty. 
it's my sis's lappy acctually *love u!
me with my cousin finished the noon in front of my SIS'S labtop.
we are watching the drama called 'we got married' its a korean drama reality show.
the drama was like super coolest drama!! love it !
i'll lool foward to it tomorrow.
internet, please make it fast *the load make my neck hurt.
ok ! other than that. there were nothing obsurb today ;D  happily

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