Saturday, May 2, 2009


this past few days:
i keep arguing with my mom which that about,
who'll use the computer first!
okay,during my holiday i would really2 like to spend it with watching
all the variety reality show,
instead of doing that, i was lying  on the bed perfectly,
my mom take over it,
okay,dont know what to continue,end.
as u all know:
the past friday was the labour day right;
the day before which was friday,
when im at school,when the needle pointed sharply at 2.30pm,
we were like shouting as we are gonna take holiday for a week,
okay,really don't know what to continue,can i end this?

last friday:
i've skip tuition, really fell guilty about that,
instead of study, mum,jaz, n me.
went to shopping,
really guys,out there were like crazy for the summer sale,
i dont even know Malaysia have summer,
am i lack of information,*that's explain the result i got for geography
or the world is to cruel! 
*my imaginary freind said:whatever~
i feel that everyday is a hot day,
will that make our country malaysia,


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