Friday, April 3, 2009


last few days:
1. practice for choral speaking
2. got to know that next monday-formative test
3. still learning how to undrstnd physic,chemistry & add math
4. my sis accidently delete all my beloved song
5. my sis gonna enjoy at sevanna

1. update my blog
2. there were 'kawat kebakaran' at school?
3. aty 'tersejat'
school's bell rang for 4 minutes..
at school field..
aty: alamak,nk g toilet la.
baz: pegila cpt,
ckgu: x bleh,nie kebakaran la.
aty: habisla.
baz: panas seyh
aty: 2 la.
baz: x pe la..kan bole tersejat.
aty: apelah!
kucing: meow~(blur)
after 15 minutes,went to class.
baz: nk g toilet x?
aty: x pe la, dah kate tersejat.
conclusion: matahari itu panas!

4. saw something on youtube;
blurist conversation:
red man: hey
bsns man: hye
red man: nice whether?
bsns man: ya! nice cloud (the shape)
red man: so what are you before?
bsns man: sailor man
redman: upgrade huh?
bsns man: kinda,what are you before?
redman: blue..


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