Thursday, April 23, 2009



on this unforgettable day:
today is thursday.
got to  pass up homework given by Ms.Noriah.all the 'peka'
Today,Bethilda went for the 'spell it right' contest.
she lose ! *if she read my blog,ill be not in my pieces next morning ;0
aiigh,all day she's trying to pick  a fight with me
can't understand la that monster! how she look at people is so scary,
in that beutiful morning,all the student went to dewan,
i slide the seat,when i tried to seat, BOOM!
suddenly my butt is on the floor!
i,m so pist! that used to be good girl is slowly beoming evil gangster!
*Bethilda . i'm doomed!
oh ya! today i was like reading all day in school
the title is 'over the moon' .its a jeanure prdctn.
since my sis bought that book.its been 5 or 4 years now.
just now i realise & started to bring the book when nilam's time.
its been a while since my mom spent money on novels,
that why teacher said. i'm behind in reading nowadays, :D


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