Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Before Today,

watch out, he's back! :
in that red tee. my dad...at this particular time,nearly to 5 pm..with an empty stomach..we walked.
wondering around to search for halal restaurant.but still cant find the right shop.lol.ending up eating in our hotel.like old folks said "what comes around goes around" ? lol.


the third day: playing at the shore,
haha, the hilarious thing, papa play a role in 'baywatch'-cannot tell u any further..very 'fragile'
to mama:
i think she work as a shells collector before she was born..(she even packed all the shells she collected back to 'semenanjung')

gwen stefani-dont speak! :
the other member of family, spending their time with the sea..coral and all that stuff,
i just ended up sleeping on that jeti..even the jeti is more comfortble than sleeping in our hotels bed. afiq, afiq
pom, pom,pom,pom !


love these picture. jazmina was holding her behold umang2.it even hava a name.

on the way back from snokerling *dont know if i spell it right. & their island-called Mabul.

speak babe! :
hhaa..on our day staying in sabah,tawau..we had changed like 4 hotels..for only 5 days. gila!
if u (papa)  have so that much money to spend,spend it for my roller blde! haha

my view:
every restaurant in Sabah used chopstick, so, my skills in using chpstic increased ! yay.
we ate steamboat for 2 time in two days in a row.haha. 
& & there's more, we got to eat eggs in morning & night at Mabul. yay. egg,egg,egg...

my dad went back to Dubai after 3 day we landed from Sabah...
i hope he come back again with some present for me! hhaa
this cuti like a little bit boring, && the next cuti will be on jun...ahhh!*frust


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joegrimjow said...

3 days not enough
3 weeks...enough2

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