Sunday, October 25, 2009

261009:A H E A D !

A H E A D !

i have final exam coming ahead and i love 'the maine' *got nothing to do
i thought the exam will be going on for the whole three week, bit it turned out that it's only gonna be two weeks long, my time will be packed with books *i can tell
books/subjects that i have studied:
books/subjects that i must fininsh by tomorrow:
-Additional Math
-Tassawur *i dont know if i could make it in this subject;!

even without thinking, i have loads of books i have to finish before the time comes,i barely make it like 2 out of 10 ! wtF ! what a difference ;D

but no worries,i had my head under control *i guessed

they had released the song for a little while,
it just that they just make a music video for it,it called into your arms, by 'TheMaine'
right now,i'm so so so so in love with this music video,
maybe it'll not amazed u how much it amazed me till i could blow my top off, but please enjoy it though,

I'm fallin' in love
But it's fallin' apart.
I need to find my way back to the start

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