Wednesday, October 14, 2009

141009 : C H I !

hr tu sumpah biasa,

that night the people of jentayu decided to make a gathering among them,
lol, the sky sure look bright that night, they even called the firetruck for emergencies? *yaaa
hahha,spending my night taking pictures,chitchating with Han,Jas and very good segerombolan of kids,
i cant dare to tell whether it's a hot night or borg night?simple saying, the food cant even barely touch my bare stomach.hahha ;D *ithinkiminlovewithlaksasarawak
actually, u know blogger was made for expressing ourselves but i surely doubt that,
explain why, i cant do such a thing called 'typing' or 'expressing'??!!!
oky.wtF! my dad just send me a message saying he's gonna be in malaysia first thing in the morning and i think it's in 6.30 AM!! lol.
his reason: he wants to see his dad ;D really 'sub' that. haha
i think i gomna miss my raya party at school, sorry peeps, no carbonara for you'll !! shitty ;0

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