Saturday, October 3, 2009


simply noon.

ama, aty, bzlh
bzlh, aty
misrh,elyna,aimi,vennu,aisyah, izztl?

too hand just jammed *to type
the same peeps,

those who are there:
ama, izzah, aty, diyana, hana, syafinaz, maisarah, aisyah, elyna, aimi, thursina and brothers, firdaus, lee, r, afiq, arif, ridzuan, sufi, fazrul n many more, it just that i cant seems to remember all of it,and plus the student from class 4s2, so, these are the names ;D

when we are gathering in the living room.someone farted! hahah! funny lol. the smell was like a explosive sulphur ;0 hhaah.i had my eyes on payan ;0 *awareness

ama's house: her mom kindly cooked us asam laksa n it was deliciouso~
cant even have a long chat to ama because she was busy handling the guest,
n n i met intan, ainur and peeps, and cant have a long chat neither ;(

i dont have photobucket so i upload the pictures in blogger, sorry, there are many more though, but couldnt put it in this update.
and then we take a walk to the park,
firdaus, arif, fazrul, aty, bzlh ;D

after the snaping stuff, we went home, nearly at 6.30 pm.

Theres to many hours to count down to midnight
But you never wanted to let it go
when your talking for hours

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