Friday, October 9, 2009

091009 : H I T !

at first i did fast, but after a little while,i went to toilet then i found out i got myself the P liscence.hahha! i thought today is the third day i'm doing the puasa nam, still 4 more to go babe!
at evening i went to the Dewan Serbaguna to play of course, badminton, syed invite the whole class but there were 60% of them only ;(
still we had our fun ;D besides,i play only for 25 minute and so, hahha, letih sial!
nie arif punye psl, die syg gile camera, suro bawak !
x pe arif, demi KO! bwweekk, g mati ;o

barely 60% of the class
faz & afiq

So this is where it all begins
You see my patience wearing thin
I know that your enjoying this somehow
I'll never understood how you can be so proud

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