Friday, October 16, 2009

171009 : H I L L !


on 16th of august 09,
everyone were having a hard time,i'm aware of that but we dont need such a behaviour lol.
hahha,it;s been four days since my grandpa was taken to hospital. they said he was in a nazak state, but i dont really think so, but sometimes he do looked sick...he's having the breathing difficulities, i guessed. i've known all along, because i have it too, asthma ;O
seriously,everyone were freaking scared, not to mention me, i've spent my two beloved day doing nothing in the hospital *i should think to bring books lol, the kids were continuosly being shouted by the old people, i dont even buy it though ;D
saying: this is the hospital,low down your voice!! they said,
i was like, the hell, think before u bring us here lol! i dont even have my complete meals! i should have shouted like mad, *apparently i dont, which now becomes my regret

4.00pm we went to my mother;s open house *house or building because it was in her workplace, that explain why there were my pictures with baju kurung lol, *i changed it

Shawty got that super thing
Hotter than the sun of south in spain
Got me soon as I walked through the door

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