Wednesday, July 1, 2009


special case.

this boy's like is called aninur umairah,

lately weather had change itself:
frankly speaking,lately my labtop had became my R&R pitstop.
everytime i came back from school,from lunch,from dinner,
not to mention ---toilet lol.
hahha.specially congrats to miss ainur,for officially made a blog ;D
going to meet my friend? this way please ----
seriously i've got nothing to do,so i've checked out my friend's pics in myspace,
it dosent mean i'm a stalker r8? at the top of that--a girl!!
maybe i kinda loose my mind for a second, human eror,people make mistake ;D
for acctually typing the words one by one in this post,
it surely dosent make me kinda lack of idea,
*suddenly= & & my english teacher said my marks had droped down.
she mean really low, but i'll make sure i'll make it constant to 80% this time!
inside me: surely yes *weird face ;(
another thing that make 'inside me' proud of?
-i've sold my lovely homemade puff pastry ;D
I brought about six puff to school, and all sold out babe! ;D
is that anything to proud of?
inside me: yeah!! for the first time.
there are many orders cming to me lately,i dont know if i could make
all of the orders to statisfy all of my mates ;D
with all the works at home, mopping, swepping, homework, the kids...
lolx! jk. jk. i just hit my head with a pillow at home!! gotcha !!
*not really got u am i? again making fool of myslf ! not good!

please get my joke please..
if u dont undertand the way i write,
well.suit yourself: mampos ah! aku nye blog~

politely; END.


ainur said...

thnks baz...

bzlh azmn said...

welcome,if it's for u,
then ok ;D

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