Tuesday, July 14, 2009

140709: e h m m !

certainly dancing

my day continue as yours, it just that today,
there's no vomit & all the 'diarrhoea'. *cirit birit (malay)
thank goodness: today got no practice for choral speaking
that is absolutely nothing to brag about but it just mean that i have no idea of what i'm writing right now *forgive me my dear
and the next exam is coming in the end of july.
why is it have to be this fast?? no choice i guess*have.to.endure.it
if i failed this time. it is a surely, that my mom go c.r.a.z.y
*as a teenage girl u'll know what will happen to you if they went c.r.a.z.y
this evening i've to finish my homework that Izzah left me,
i've made this promise with her to make her a lasagna tomorrow morning for our morning break
and also i've promise with my jiran to make him a 'bekal'
too many promises to keep
*promises are not meant to be brake *our lesson today
OH MY GOD! my neighbour is trying to fix their house and they surely make a melody out of it.
it makes my eardrum in countless pain *dramatic

these pictures that i've got from flickr.com are in my 'most adorable pinky and hottest beautifullest live life to the max list' and they are in number 10256.
pendek kata :
m e r e k a a d a l a h o r a n g y g s a y a m i n a t !

*roller blading is a fun thing !

You can play me like that
It's a matter of fact
You're nothing more than a typical whore


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