Wednesday, July 8, 2009


it supposed to be fun.

*do not judge me by this drawing

wondering why i'm doing such a thing instead of going out of the house,
just because i like to do so, *dont ask any further
as u can see.there;s a weird girl wearing skirt,it is actually my sis,
she's going to uitm in puncak alam *finally
& & u can see there's a junction outside the uitm's exit r8?
my beutiful mother seriously has no idea where should she headed her car to,
is it to the 'beautiful land' or 'the fatal area'??
as a mother that seems so confused..what do u think her mind reacts to?
so she had choose...*jeng jeng jeng (movie) duh~uh
*please refer to the next picture

*do not judge me by this drawing

so she had choose to the fatal area *red colour
with a happy smile,without a worry,
yup! deffinetly my mom! if she had choose the 'beutiful land',
than i doubt, whether she is my mom or not .
*kidding if she know i wrote it this way *result:fatal

but still ! no worries.
we finally managed to find the right way anyway ;D
it's diffinetly a lie if i say we finally met terengganu r8?
we went back to our beloved house in enstek of course!

*and also do not judge me by these pictures

because of that stupid damn sho_s,
i left you,
a kind of joyment strip my heart,

END. *it's already past 11 o'clock so,

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