Sunday, July 19, 2009

200709: m a k e !

*show like it supposed too

these all desire of mine start to bloom when i started to think with my head,
either acting all weird. there are also thing that i want to do that are like normal people do
it just a simple minded of me thinking i could bake a cake,
it's not acctually just a desire when it turned out as a hobby,
just like a movie *antique bakery i got all these passion to bake,
u should watch, ANTIQUE BAKERY it's about a homo's life & how he turn out as a baker.interesting plot .
based on that story, they tell us that a simple cake can make you search around the world for just a slice of dessert and eventually can make yourself 'hanged' because of that particular slice.
with combination of life and food he *director make his film go round.

baking sure is,
it;s not like i didnt try to bake,
i do bake!
it just that, i m.a.l.a.s ! very good condition of m.a.l.a.s!
it implies that i am surely not good in health thing or on.
sometimes i cannot even move my leg even if i want it to move. *lie
okay..!my brain dont want it to move, so what?!!
i do bake!
i remember the last time i tried to make chocalate cheese cake,
the momment i tried to put it in the oven,
the chesse layer that i put at the the top sank beneath the chocolate,
then, it all get messed up.but my family ate them happily though,

these picture are surely gonna be my passion in ten years time:
they are in 'most adorable pinky and hottest beautifullest live life to the max list' and they are number 122.


my name is Nur Bazilah Azman and i'm currently officialy confused:
wheather to be a baker or a dentist?
fyi:i want to be a dentist & i already figured out how my clinic will look like ;D

that looks of yours.
show me that,
u're care enough to dislike me !


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