Tuesday, June 9, 2009



This past day in blue:
for avoiding my skills to fly away from my head,
because of the long term holiday *;(
i used my precious hand to made this beutiful homemade sushi, hahah ;D
not so beautiful la, i just made the simple one,
if i use that salmon egg one,they probally didint want to touch, *barely
i've tried once, it just became so,so,so? so left on the plate at the edge of the dining table lol ;o
i'm gonna practice more to improve my cooking skill,
currently planning to try french pastry ;DDD

me with durian?

Last beautifully going day:
as i told u,i went to johore for BLKKMPG.& bla,bla,bla.long story ;D
& as u can see,my face become freak,as i see durian,
it;s just a picture la, p.r.e.n.t.e.n.d.i.n.g. ?? duh~
it;s not because i hate it,
longtime ago,i really love ,i mean really love to eat durians,
it just came out lately,
my period avoiding of durian came should i say;/ ?
just cannot eat that la,dosent have that selera,
but mangstn i still cant resist ;D
too delicious to be left, if u know wht i mean,
Lately u became very *slow in person,
even my maid said that *frust ;0

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