Monday, July 13, 2009

130709: s h i t !

before i start,i got to confirm something,
my family had this very unbearable food poisoning
therefore i announced that,if there's something wrong about my writing,
please be understanding,if not? u can shut the f*** up
& please be understandable that, all the facts that i'll write later,
are not deffinetly right as i'm not in my right mind right now.
we ended up not coming to school, as for my mum=she skipped her work
all the vomit thing..euw..
not good.not good.taste like a piece of hell

*chromosomes: meiosis 1 & 2 (metaphase)

instead of giving u the real one,i give u~~!!
the plasticine version *teng teng teng cool right?
i know. to make this all take me about 1 and 1/2 hours.
as a bio student for only give u this, its truly my mistake,
because this chapter is known as *killer question in bio
teacher try to make it more fun by plasticine.
the X = chromosomes. *will continue after the short brake
pardon me if i turn it out shitly,
as far as i concern, my family dosent have this tradition in art,
*explaining continue to built a daughter cell, u need parent cell,
with all the process..bla.bla.bla..
*continue..u'll get=46 chromosomes *feel nocious
*dont know what i'm talking about *went crazy=me *help me
conclusion is,if u dont have this 46 in total,
u'll get the downsydrome disease,
u'll born with inproper features,
such as,born without hand,finger & all that stuff.
downsydrome can be considered as not good to human
*end of explaining
speaking of downsydrome i give u these. enjoy

*he looks even cooler without his mouth, agreed?

*this is a miror of me

this is the distance in between,
you could be everything i need,
you'll be the person i dont call.


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