Monday, March 2, 2009

tagged season ? :)

tagged by : izzaty iszham
my frnd: izzaty iszham (PCD)
1. her name, izzaty iszham.
2. thing that izzaty related to me? she's my frnd,jiran, my badminton arrival..(haha)
3. she love to sing...i mean like 'hell sing'-means:very good and love to sing like mad in class. hahah.
4. she's taking part in drama audition. in that drama she bacame the 'mak temah'! very famous character.haha
5. mak temah a.k.a cinderella.haha.the glass slipper we change it to 'manggis'.(aty,u know right?)
6. she likes to called me 'cerite donggeng'? i duuno why. please ask her for me?
7. btw: if u noticed she's wearing her new glasses.. bbweek~
8. the person next to her-her very beloved sister,cannot be appart! (like kembar siam)
9. and the last part: i'm trying to know about her like  a lot more.
10. && she's like the queen of math.
11. her mother told me she like math very wonder when she got B.she's so freaked out! not to mention me? haha.


tagged by : lee jing jing
just one thing: hahah!!

1. her name, the gorgeous lee jing jing
2. she's a chinesse.i dont know if u noticed. face like a mongolian.hahah. so sleepy la i guess.sorry ;)
3. as far as u can see she's wearing a scarf aroud her neck?
4. she's studying pure science in her upper form.
5. she's a normal girl.
6. i think she's from terengganu. she can speak that 'loghat'.haha ;p
7. aah,, she's my sister's best frnd.
8. she's very active but not sure in what? i think in outdoors activities?
9. i dunno whether she like cooking or not..u go ask her if u want to know ok?
10. i think she likes to watch movie.



Aty Iszham said...

aww bazilah, so sweet :)
hahaha biar lah Mak Temah pon. hhehe
ehh, my mom told u that eh ? when ? heh

bzlh azmn said...

mak temah,sexy hahah.

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