Saturday, February 14, 2009 good and hot!

to all who dosent know the hell where the place is?
it is in enstek, jentayu, which where i lived now.
is it nice?i and my jiran always spet our evening here!
that including aty, ara, alan, budin, aiman, han, husaini, idris, wfqh,afiq, akmal, farhana & our new frnd thusina and thufa.

currently, in love with the japan drama & movie.
this man is actually is an actor. in this drama: hana yori dango. very cool drama and also very funny. not like indon...their drama takes 100 days to end! in japan, it only have 11 episodes...just like that laa.

check out:
to watch korean, japan and taiwan drama/movies. if u dont know what you want to watch? just asked me at the 'shout here'.

i'm like the taiko of drama u know!


ths boy ;)
aiman, aiman, husaini, husaini, wafiqah, wafiqah....

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