Wednesday, March 4, 2009

small stomach?

breaking news !

lee min ho fell on red carpet !
so sad! people said because he's so tall !!
hot people  fell with style!!

these are the member of  the drama 'boys over flower'
highlight to LEE MIH HO

last saturday: 

the purpose of this party: to celebrate tasha's birthday!
haha..but we ended up coming late, i mean very late...haha
i came at 10 o'clock n aiman & alan came at like 11 o'clock...haaha..very drastic...

that 'tunjuk-menunjuk' ,the purpose: i dont know... ;p
that aiman have mental disoder...haahha..but not me..i'm normal maa... lol!

today at school: 
scene 1

while waiting for tchr to come...i..bzlh..take out my karipap..haha
i give it to aty, shrh kudus & shrh...
bzlh: nah ambillah
shrh kudus: kebas dulu...
aty: first step-ambik, second step-makan....third step-bace doa...   [terbalik]
shrh: ambik..makan.

aty: eh dh makan satu karipap rase kenyang pulak...oh no wonder: perut dh kecik?

n i was like: smilling a little while n then i said 'tulis dlm blog'
if u dont understand the story: please refer to my past blog i updated.find aty,then u know.

scene 2

seriously...i really want to write it but now my sister like calling me bzlh..bzlh..bzlh..
i kinda lost my brain...if u listen to her voice!! haha! please...



Aty Iszham said...

bazilah ni ! nak tulis pon buat lah interesting sikit. tak lawak pon bc. hehe. kretik ajee ahhah ;p

bzlh azmn said...

aty!aty! u just wait a..i give u a hot one after this.

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