Tuesday, March 10, 2009

aty's :

hahha, aty's :
ok..here's the story,on 9th march 1993, in this very beautiful world...were born a chubby baby,named IZZATY, that's aty in her pink dress...so yesterday, it's her birthday party..but she's getting old already...still want to do the party..haha (aty~i love u)

haha..that girl with the green dress is me! haha..that time i look very 'white'...hahah..maybe it's because the flash! haha. that girls next to me are tasha & aty.

at this momment we are trying to play games..so suddenly my sis 'snaped' their faces...husaini & aiman & others...

this picture : taken for myspace..hahha.everyone seems very happy..

me & my brother, finally. i really want to take  a picture with him! hahah.my face look like....ehm?


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