Tuesday, March 3, 2009

in love with

currently in love with:

intoducing to you: A CHANGE OF PACE

u guys must listen to their song-the latest album!
their behaviour like very open minded thinking...quite cool..
not to mention their song...very hot!

introducing to you: NELL

this band, like the rockest korean band i ever liked!
instead of rock song u heard,their songs were like melo songs..very peacefull..
combined with the melody of piano and everything really suited them!
as far as i know..korean people only like grouping member...the good looking one.
but i think they are quite cool though ;pp

introducing to you:  NEVERSHOUTNEVER

he's songs also very peacefull. a little bit techno and all that..
i started to know him in myspace. i dont know if u guys know him?it's good if u know laa ;p

introducing to you:  MISSINCAT

she sings with a britain melody..very soft.. you can checkout at youtube.
her song back on my feet were a KILLING!
even though the song very quick but if u listen to it carefully..it quite nice...

intoducing to you: BACK ON

this is a japan's band..as you know the japanesse love to create a metal songs..i dunno what it's called..la..
they like to scream...like very loud..&  nyaring..haha
but the 'back on'  band like a universal song..which everyone can sing along...(credits to aty)

intorucing to you: MC  THE  MAX

just one thing: wow!
korean band...their drummer played very heardable.

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