Thursday, April 22, 2010

230410: b f f t !

love him ;O
fat liar
he rarely wears

hadnt update for a long time but basically not too long because i hardly do so do i? ;D
this week, i had my time with stdygroup all along, fuh, a long week for the damned exam, tuesday was the craziest, i had four subject and they were add math, sejarah, physics, tasawuh,may look easy but trust me, im biting my tounge. if there any people who didnt went crazy, let me cure you, only part of your mouth though, only being a dentist is my passion.wooohooo, we are off the topic, or do we have one? wahtever, dosent concern me.

its a total chaos this week with a lot of fun too, weird, how could that conclude. still, i had fun. full stop. no further typing. geez, still want to,
the shitty things that bound to happen:
1.the result of a maniac
2.papa is going back dubai
3.which is good, if he is not taking my laptp.
4.i love my lptop.
5.dnt take it away, my lovely old man
6, BEG OF YOU...
7.i cannot talk to jingyie, he ask me to,
8.guess i love to break promises i made,
9.dnt trust me any further
10. i said shitty thing, gonna pay for it ;O
12.i only have 3-times-a-week maid,
13.which is closely to suckers life.
14.applying for afs
15.thinking going with husaini

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