Thursday, May 6, 2010


cursed them i tell you, nicely
im going to get kill if i post this picture i guessed? so be it, not like i mind it ;D hee, kill me would you, itll be thrill, just so you know. i'll be watching you, enjoy your preciously month without me, please do that, i'll be glad. dont be sad, because u are asking for it,
i was doing this cute creature untill midnight, pulling out my nerve making it, thought it will be a disaster, but, god bless, it turned put pretty well, woohoo ;D glad he'd help. oh, the next day, some one came to school, got into the office, theres some cauncelling,kot? wtf. absent the next day. allergic ;(
went to PBSM, Haim drew that for me, LJY busy with his rcket competition, he got numbr 2, anyhow,youll make it! oh, ad this particular day, my mom was mad because we didint take the dry clothes and let it wet :(
01.05.10 (labour day)
my mom was sill mad,showing my regret. i washed all the clothes, fyi it were 3 round i guessed. went to rumah anak yatim in Banting, but they sure look happy? nvrmnd.went there with Hsini's prnts. then, to 3 diffrnt beach. i really dnt know sepang had beach? guessed thats what they called 'katak bawah tempurung'? eat few of sotong bkr ;D
missing him ;D . he wouldnt know, he said im foya-foyaing ;(

the shoes. basically. my mom stole it from me, i was hiding the shoes, because i dnt wnt my mom to wash it, but she kinda found it, with glory.then had to wash them, but only with vanish though, and it really works i tell you ;D no need to berus, then clean up my room ;D done.

currently i sawang, thinking through stuff, been dieting for 1 and 1/3 month kot, and i have this fucking gastric today ;D


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