Saturday, April 3, 2010

040410: b e r a !

shit, idk.

the images were taken on 040310, saturday ,were having chemistry, so what they called it, we were having 2 hours full of chmsty joy, really.cheh, wtf., after the tuition finished, i went to izzah's house , and have a taste oh a homemade roti nan, it was a thrill. it was well made, or was it should taste like that? ;D cause i dont really know the original one, so, i've slept while waiting for izzh, then we went to my house, nothing happen really, except me with my old songs, then head up to tuition, sumpah x tipu, ngantuk, because it was like in evening so it was a very 'mata sembam and ngantuk' mood tuned. for the night, were only having pizza hut for dinner because i seriously doubt were there any food in my house.


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