Sunday, February 14, 2010


crazy and gay
this post is absolutely positive about you my dear ;D

i love gay ;D

seriously this photo got nothing to do with the alive or dead unless your name start with a letter L, and yes u are in the picture, with a spec on, its u, yah ;D its you, no need to zoom it or stuff,

words to describe you:
i call u pkck,
i call u org gila,
i call u gay.
i call u 'fikir semuaorg mcm kau ke'
i call u m_i_arah,
i ask u to shut up *terribly sorry
i told u ur story is lame,
i told u to stop thinking,
i told u i run to sabah,
i told u to go back to your planet,
i told u 'suka berfoya-foya with awek chinesse'
i told u to not be too good.
i told u to leave me,

but one thing you do is just agreed like a jerk and makes me feel bad ;(
and i told myself to be not bad to you .but mind if i do ;D

the end.

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Aty Iszham said...

alalalala comel nyaaaa ;)

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