Friday, February 12, 2010


everyone loving it ;D

on the 120210, everyone having their fun in the merentas desa comp, cheh except me, but not really. i had mine, by taking cares of the unfortunate people. *does it count, i think my lengan had grown a muscle, cheh, so called i could say, it is pain i could call. carrying people up and down *PBSM but it was nice, rather than running on a hot day. there was this girl she had a cramp and she cries, scared me to death, i thought shes going to die or something because she cried silently. herrg, shes so cute ;D

congrats to jingyie, amen, husaini, ubai, muhaymin, R, S, fazrul, syed, safuan, najmuddin, isyraf, ama, syafa, izzah, farhana, beth, amira, fatin for finishing the run, when i saw them, i was exteremely amazed, idk why but i, im amzed ;D

p/s: amira, you scared me !

I'm falling head over heels for you
But my hands are shaking.
I'm falling asleep to dreams of you


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