Wednesday, February 10, 2010



cheh, finally im getting the new maid, and guessed what another shocking issue that the maid last for less than 24 hours, pergh,wishing for luxury the pain it gave me. she claims that she had problem and desperatrely want to go back to her country,indnsia. nvrmnd.shit happens.

this is like the 8th week i lived without a maid except im being one.haih, hope for escaping from doing chores but still what comes around goes around. im doing the dishes for 3 days in a row. jaz always said she had done it but she barely touch the dishes. L.I.A.R. lives among us, haha.

on this really sunny day, i mean really hot, totally.
my brother lock us outside the house, after shouting fot the uncounting names calling for the bastard's name which is Akmal is a , is a, $%*&^%$& ! he really know how to make pain in the ass. we were like waiting for him for 2 hours. herr, my voice became like ama's.

amen, is really.
really oh, please, please make ur eyes at least half open when im teaching you, u give me a headache, and why the hell u didint come to school 0n 10/2/2010. u borrowed my book and i unexpectedly like that teacher .

jingyie. haha, left me.
jingyie,left me. jingyie, left me. jingyie, left me ;(
i was left all alone because everybody take part in that stupid merentas desa. i once won in the 6th place but my condition wont allow me, or more to my mom. haih. seriously i was alone for the first time. sumpah sedih ;D but i managed to control myself, with sleeping of crse, i love me ;D jingyie, i swear that dreams look so real, and im afraid of getting it.

the end.

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