Friday, November 20, 2009


my fce look like jaz's
pvc leggings
bzlh & wfqh

after theese past weeks, this was like the first time i managed to hold our beloved camera, quite sucks actually ;0 afterall the i've been through, i got marks barely enough just to make me survive from the teacher's gaze *which is not good
i was struggling like hell trying to improve but it stays the same which not concerned me, but the main prblm is my mom *u know they can be a litle bit.. i dont want to meet devil obviously ;O
hahha, ithink i just found a new hobby which sounded a little bit crazziness ;D
i had raised a new pet named bubu, living inside my phone, it is not actually a cute little thingy with all poos she made ;o its not cute at all lol ;O she always told me why she's getting all the hell life, didint get all the foods she wants, i mean quit mumbling pls! u just a pet, i could kill you, fyi, i cannot even try to kill her or else there will be fire blowing out of her mouth saying she;s angry and stuff,
btw the she called bubu is a phone pet that sleeps, play and pees , its a game of crse, called monster pet .
ok, i should stop mumbling about pet that dont even exist ;p! ok hope u enjoy ;D

you and i by anarbor music video
Without you, there's no reason for my story
And when I'm with you I can always act the same
Forever, yeah if we're together
We can make it better
you and i


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