Sunday, November 15, 2009


banghuris homestay

hahha,banghuris here i come, a little info for this homestay that i went,
the name banghuris came form three small village and combined to form a beloved homestay,
it was undear ASEAN & tourism malaysia, we paid about RM50.00 but the total cost was RM10,000 and more,the school cover the rest for us ;D

we barely spent one night there,happily,
others were like kecoh-ing about their foster parents being so kind and stuff,
but i also has a very2 loving foster grandma,hahah ;DDD
although she is a jawa,she speaks B.Melayu fluently enough for me to understand,her name is nenek Kamdiah, not so jawaish though, my grandma's nme is Summiyyah, try imagine that
i stayed with aty,amira and syafa * i think
we were given 2 rooms but eventually we (amira& I) ran in the middle of the night to aty's room,heh! scary lol! try to be in my spot ;D
in that queen sized bed,we squeezed ourself, thnks to us the bed become flump,haha ;D *crazy time

in that kebudayaan night contest,our group was like preparing hell hard but we didnt get the first place *that explained why we didint win any games
haha,but we came here to enjoy,so no need the blood to go all high up, *pressure i mean
my strongest team called ignite *teacher thought it was 89
-end- 9 in total

we have various of tiring games of course, no need to explain all the sharp thing burried in my fingers, all the bruises, the broken back bones, *a bit too much

the most enjoying time was: s t a y i n g i n s i d e t h e b u s !

I turn my head up to the sky
I focus one thought at a time
I do not let the little thieves under my tightly buttoned sleeves


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